How to find your pink, for every palette

Pink has had such a resurgence of popularity over the past few years that even I, once a confirmed and resolute hater of that most girly of shades, have been completely converted and am contemplating everything from dresses to bathroom tiles in the colour of the moment. If you've tried to actually wear something pink... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes at the AW 18 shoot

This week, instead of checking the weather forecast each morning for blues skies and brilliant sunshine, I’ve been praying for cloud and for signs of it turning out overcast (I know, sorry about that – as a summer-loving Cancerian it’s not me at all). But while bright sunlight is lovely on any other day, it’s... Continue Reading →

Summer season: day of the dress

Mosaic Cowl dress in True Red with a Suede Shoulder bag in Riviera Blue Well the nation might have moved on from Royal Wedding fever, but as we enter the summer months, the British outdoor season is really only just upon us - races, weddings and outdoor parties abound. Any outdoor gathering is a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Your summer super-neutral

I'm hugely passionate about you finding the bold and bright colours that work for you, but I'm every bit as excited about you finding your very best neutral shades. I want you to find the neutrals that make you feel effortlessly put together and look your absolute best, with glowing skin and sparkling eyes. As... Continue Reading →

Scarves for summer

We love a scarf here at Kettlewell. Or even lots of scarves. They bring colour, texture and interest to any outfit. A scarf feels like a super easy addition when the weather is cold, but if you're someone who relies on your scarf to add a pop of colour and finish your outfit, how do... Continue Reading →

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