In the pink

Analu, our Winter model, wears a Cotton Rib Jumper in True Red worn over a Long Vest Top in White with  in Rosa Trousers in Hot Pink (jumper and trousers available 1st March)

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we just couldn’t resist this most Valentines of shades.

Pink has a huge amount of stereotype surrounding it. Often receiving a bit of a polarised response response, so many of my colour analysis clients comment that either they avoid it at all costs or, conversely, plenty of them seek it out at every opportunity.

But love it or hate it, it’s time to take a fresh look at the shade that has become the marmite of the colour world and provide you with inspiration to make it into a wow shade for you, whichever side of the marmite divide you have previously fallen on.

So often pink is paired in saccharine combinations and cutesy styles, so let’s look at a few combinations that play with pink in less obvious ways.

I do love a bit of a colour clash with pink and red. If you’re feeling brave you can go for full on fuchsia and red, but for a safer option that still feels thoroughly modern, try palest ice pink with punchy true red. Shown here: a Long Rio Wrap in True Red with a Silky Crew Neck in Pink Ice.

Pink and burgundy is such an elegant combination with just a little hint of the gothic about it. It is also less ‘look at me’ than red and pink, but full of understated confidence in its subtle clash. Shown here a Cosy Merino Wrap in Deep Claret and a Charli Top in Pastel Rose.

Worried about looking a bit unsophisticated in pink? Pair a bright pink or coral with soft white and shades of camel or biscuit to add a good dose of grown up to your pink. Shown here a Mid Cascade Wrap in Flamingo Pink with a Silky Tee in Soft White and a Florence Infinity Scarf in Biscuit.Much like pink and burgundy, and incredibly subtle and non-girly, pairing a dusty brownish pink with sea green is such an effortlessly stylish combination. Try wearing a Paris Textured Jacket in Marine Teal with a Charli Top in Mink.Want to go out all guns blazing? Everyone at Kettlewell is in love with this season’s hot clash – bright pink with orange! Try a Cosy Cotton Top in Magenta with a Florence Infinity Scarf in Firecracker.


New collection sneak peek

Hurrah, it’s nearly new season time! I love this time of year, in both a life and fashion sense. Tiny glimpses of spring are beginning to pop up (hello bulbs), the new year feels like it’s really beginning, and the new season collections are landing.

I am so impressed with Kettlewell’s range this year. The team have taken colour obsession to new levels, working tirelessly to ensure that the Winter brights are brighter than ever, Summer’s soft shades are effortlessly elegant, Spring’s colour pops are ready to splash and Autumn’s vibrant warm weather shades are out in force. Not only that, but the range of styles is huge. From sensible work tops to footloose and fancy free holiday outfits, it’s all there in the new collection.

But I must rein my excitement in a little, and limit myself to just a few little peeks of the new collection before the big reveal in a few short weeks.

Claudia dress

Claudia Dress in Vermillion available in 8 colours

If you buy one dress this season, this is the one to go for. Wear it with smart shoes and a Paris jacket for work, add some party sandals for a night out, or wear it with laid back leather sandals and an Alexa biker for a casual lunch in the sun (yes, the sun will come back at some stage!). Made from supportive ponte fabric with flattering pleat detailing at the waist, this dress will hug and flatter your curves without clinging.

Cotton rib jumper

Cotton Rib Jumper in Icicle available in 10 colours

I am having one of these in every Autumn colour that’s available. Alex, our Autumn model, looked so amazing in the peridot shade on our shoot that I am inspired to pair it with everything from denim shorts to soft white skinnies this summer. The 100% cotton fabric means it won’t be too hot and sticky in the summer, but will provide that little bit of extra warmth generally required during the Great British Summer.


Ponte Peplum Top in Neon Pink available in 8 colours

OK, not strictly a garment, but seriously, the neon shades that the Kettlewell team have created for this season deserve a mention in their own right. Winters, you will look bolder and brighter than ever in the amazing neon pink, while Autumns can rock the fabulous electric lime. Pair it with simple greys or taupes for an effortless colour pop, or go for dazzling creams and whites to really make it glow.

Metallic print scarf

Metallic Print Scarf in Copper also available in Blue (worn with Alexa Jacket in Warm Stone and a Longline Scoop Neck in Treetop)

I predict a hit of the season. Metallic, camo and in the perfect colours for every season. What’s not to love? And yes, scarves are still essential in summer in my world. In a country where the temperature can be eleven degrees in midwinter and eleven degrees in midsummer, I won’t be parted from my scarf!


Culottes in Marine Navy & White available in 4 colourways (worn here with a Cara V in Soft White and an Alexa Jacket in Fig)

These new Culottes in the exciting new spot print are going to be your summer wardrobe heroes. The stretch viscose jersey and concealed stretch waistband make them oh-so easy to wear and incredibly versatile –  stylish enough to wear to a summer party, casual enough to wear to the beach and comfortable enough to wear for travelling. They’ve got it all!


The white t-shirt – your best version of a wardrobe classic

The white t-shirt is indisputably an iconic piece of clothing. There is simply no item of clothing that more fully expresses effortless style than the humble white tee.

The origins of the white t-shirt hark all the way back to medieval times, when a simple T shaped garment of wool, linen or silk would typically be worn under outer garments. This garment later became an all in one ‘union suit’ before being split once again at the end of the 19th century into long johns and a t-shirt, still to be worn under outer garments.

It wasn’t until the US Navy issued a white t-shirt as part of its uniform around the turn of the 20th century that this simple undergarment began its transformation into a mainstream item of clothing, symbolising practicality, simplicity and effortless style. Worn by icons of 20th century style from Marlon Brando and James Dean to Jane Birkin and Kurt Cobain and the models of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel, the white tee established its place among fashion’s elite – a position it has maintained for the better part of a century.

Why not check out our Time for Tee  Pinterest board?

The downside of this iconic piece of clothing is that, well, to be honest, it doesn’t look all that amazing on all of us. Yes, it’s simple, stylish, minimalist and sleek, but if it doesn’t suit your skintone, it’s also going to make you look washed out, tired or grey, meaning it’s not completely without its issues. Which is why, for 2018, we want you to incorporate your version of the classic white t-shirt into your wardrobe. Keep it simple, keep it light and neutral, keep it in a colour and style that works with everything from denim to evening wear, but above all make sure it’s in a shade that makes you look amazing.

If you already know your personal colour palette, simply click on the link below to discover your best version of the classic white tee. If you aren’t sure which colours work best for you, simply read on to find some alternatives to the classic which will look even better than the original on you.





If you don’t know which colour palette (and therefore light neutral) works best for you, your best bet is to stick to a soft white. Almost universally flattering, and less stark than true optic white, soft white has a slightly chalky finish, especially in matte fabrics and knitwear.


Beat the winter blues with colour

January is often reported to be the most depressing month of the entire year. By the end of the month new year’s resolutions have been broken, the weather shows no signs of improvement and the festive spirit has well and truly worn off.

Why not fight the blues? Colour is known to have an enormous effect on our mood, with everyone from psychologists to big businesses recognising the importance of hitting the right colour note. Wearing colour is a surefire way to cheer up yourself and everyone around you, so pick your colour to enhance your mood!


Energetic, happy and full of vitality, yellow is a brilliant mood booster. It also increases optimism. All in all the perfect shade to get you out of that January rut!



Kettlewell items shown: canary yellow Mid Cascade, primrose Fine Cotton Tee, soft gold Cashmere Gauze Stole, acid yellow Long Vest Top

Kettlewell ‘We Love Yellow’ Pinterest board found here


The colour of energy, life and the natural environment. Wearing green will help you get up and going in the morning and keep you feeling positive all day long.


Kettlewell items shown: apple Cashmere Gauze Stole, mineral green Cosy Cotton Top, leaf Paris Textured Jacket, emerald Merino Crossover

Kettlewell ‘We Love Green’ Pinterest Board found here


Feeling a little wrung out? Blue is thought to be a calming, serene colour, which will soothe your senses and ease your mood.


Kettlewell items shown: cobalt blue Camisole, serenity Mid Cascade, sultry navy Tasha Top, sapphire Silky Crew Neck

Kettlewell ‘We Love Blue’ Pinterest board found here


Increase your energy and confidence with this vibrant shade. Wear it if you’ve got that all important meeting coming up and need to wow!


Kettlewell items shown: poppy Long Camisole, cranberry Alexa Zip Jacket, true red Silky Crew Neck, cochineal Cashmere Gauze Stole

Kettlewell ‘We Love Red’ Pinterest board found here


The shade for you if you’re trying to keep up motivation for a detox or health kick, as white makes us think of cleanliness, purity and a calm happy medium mood, neither over-energised nor sloth-like.

Kettlewell items shown: soft white Cosy Cotton Top, soft white Cashmere Gauze Stole, antique white Cara V Neck, white Lace Camisole

Kettlewell ‘We Love White Pinterest board found here


Introducing the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

I look forward to writing this post at the beginning of every year. The colour of the year from Pantone® has such a huge influence on not just the clothes but the art, interiors and lifestyle products we’ll see in shops over the coming 12 months.

And this year’s colour is… drum roll…. Ultra Violet!

In the words of world renowned colour authority Pantone®, “inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” The colour experts go on to state that Ultra Violet “suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead and the discoveries beyond where we are now.” Much like, and perhaps even more so than, 2017’s Greenery, Ultra Violet feels somewhat optimistic and adventurous, a marked step away from the safer, less adventurous colours of 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity) and 2015 (Marsala).

Here at Kettlewell, we’ve been collecting all things purple over at our We Love Purple Pinterest board  (although we are still in love with all the other colours too!)

Ultra Violet sits in the Spring palette (although very much at the Summer ‘edge’ of it) but, being a shade of purple, needs only the slightest of colour shifts to work well in any of the four seasonal palettes.

To find your best variation of Ultra Violet, simply apply the rules of your season. While Springs can stick to it as it is (make sure it isn’t too soft!), Summers take it slightly softer and more mauve, Autumns need a little more depth and darkness – more of a Cadbury wrapper purple – and Winters need maximum vibrancy and depth.

Kettlewell items shown: Cashmere Gauze Stole, Silky Crew Neck, Lace Camisole, Florence Infinity Scarf, Merino Sleeveless Wrap, Cosy Cotton Top, Paris Textured Jacket, Alexa Zip Jacket

Postcards from Cape Town – Melissa’s blog

Apologies if the weather back home is a bit on the chilly side, but today’s blog post comes to you from sunny South Africa, where for the past four days we have been busy shooting our summer 2018 brochure.

This year, we are dividing the shoots between two stunning beach houses just outside Cape Town: Britannia Bay, where we are shooting Analu, our Brazilian Winter model, who lives in New York and whose dark skin tone looks amazing with the strong winter colours, and Kommetjie, where we are shooting our South African Spring model, Michelle. (The eagle-eyed will recognise Michelle from last summer’s catalogue – she has since had baby number two, as well as a fabulous new pixie haircut!).

Our January Cape Town shoot is definitely one of the highlights of the year for me – not just because it’s great to feel the sun on my face again, but because I get to see all our amazing new colours in their very best light: drenched in sunshine and brought to life by the reflected intensity of those vast blue skies.

I also love being able to see the new styles in exactly the sort of holiday location we’d envisaged at design stage – that easy jersey shirt dress worn for a stroll along the beach; that simple V-neck tee teamed with a pair of denim shorts for a relaxed sunny lunch on the terrace. It feels like the final step on the journey before the clothes appear in the catalogue destined for your doorstep.

Excitingly, for our summer 2018 collection, we’ve gone bigger on colour than ever before, with everything from limeade and electric blue to tangelo orange and neon yellow, as well as soft lilacs and pretty pinks. We also have the most amazing eye-popping hot pink for you winters. And I don’t think I’ll be spoiling the surprise when I say that our stylist Keira has some colour-blocking treats in store that are bound to be a great source of inspiration next summer.

For a live, behind-the-scenes sneak peek of our Cape Town shoot, watch us on Instagram Stories, where we’ll be posting videos and sharing moments from our day. But be warned: it may bring on a serious case of wanderlust!

It’s a wrap

This time of year, regardless of the weather, inspires us to stay snug indoors with a mug of hot chocolate (or something slightly stronger) with the fire blazing and/or cheesy films on the TV, wrapped up in a soft cardigan. You might have the fire/TV/beverage of choice sorted, but have you found the cardigan you need to ensure the ultimate cosy winter experience?

Whatever your body shape and size, the perfect wrap for you is out there. Whether you’re straight of body or curvy, tall or short, I’ve lined up my favourite Kettlewell wraps and the body shapes they suit.


Links to: short cascade, mid cascade, midi shawl wrap, long rio wrap, cosy merino wrap, long tie wrap, sleeveless merino wrap, shawl collar wrap