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Kettlewell Colours Capsule Wardrobe
Making your wardrobe WORK

For many of us the idea of managing our wardrobe with any predetermined strategy is like singing in perfect pitch; we think we can do it but reality is sadly disconnected from intent.

It’s not that we need hand holding – goodness no – more a structure that can be easily followed and more importantly, implemented. For many of us whom have visited colour and style consultants (still the best thing money can buy) we have already accepted the wisdom of a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is made up of items that work well together, in different ways and serve all purposes from dining-out to housework. These garments should be classic and timeless, transcending seasonal trends and fashion fads.

Do you have an incubating or fully-fledged capsule wardrobe? To help you measure your success we have created a capsule checklist:

  • A good quality winter coat, in your seasonal base colour that flatters your shape.
  • Two pair of jeans; a shorter and longer pair so you can wear with heels or flats.
  • A well-tailored shirt that flatters your shape.
  • A wrap or cardigan made from good quality material to last a long time
  •  ‘A little black dress’ in your seasonal ‘black’ e.g. Chocolate for Autumn with changeable accessories.
  • A pair of tailored/smart trousers.
  • A pencil skirt or A-line skirt, in your seasonal base colour that flatters your shape.
  • Good quality T-shirts and camisole tops to mix and match.
  • A sun-dress that can be dressed up and down.
  • Scarves in various colours that match your season and tone.

Once you have your baseline, buying accessories and expanding your garment portfolio becomes relatively easy. The most surprising outcome is the amount of money you will save not impulse buying clothes you will never wear!

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