Beyond Neutral


There is a temptation, when you know your very best colours, to wear them. All of them. Occasionally all at the same time. It is something that we consultants are occasionally guilty of, I know. We know we look super in, say, electric blue, magenta and emerald, so my goodness we will wear electric blue, magenta and emerald, and never mind if we look maybe a teeny weeny bit crazy-colour-lady on occasion. Not that I’m saying there isn’t a place for wearing those colours (and wearing them all together, if you want to), of course.

Sometimes, however, it’s nice to dress maybe a touch more quietly, perhaps letting the cut of our jacket do the talking, or the beautiful accessories we’ve chosen, and that can feel harder to do in the face of a palette full of amazing colours that all look so terribly, well, colourful.

It is possible though. Every season has a good selection of neutrals (they’re there, I promise you) and it is perfectly possible to put together a streamlined, minimalist look using just your neutrals. And it needn’t be boring. Wearing your best neutrals guarantees you a slick and sophisticated look that still makes you look your very best.



The spring palette offers a great streamlined colour combination, of bright navy or oxford blue paired with dove grey and cream. If you want to stick to the more golden end of the Spring palette, how about chocolate brown on the bottom half, with a cream shirt and that eternal classic, the beige trench coat? Team it with a cinnamon coloured scarf to keep the look fairly monochrome, or branch into your reds for a combination that is bright and clear but still sophisticated. Keeping gold accessories simple and smart keeps this look grown up.



Summers have a great range of dark neutrals, from dark blue grey to elegant mole. Teaming those with off white or pale pink or blue keeps this look perfect for smokey Summers but still elegant and neutral. For an alternative look, Burgundy can also work brilliantly as a sophisticated neutral – whether as leather leggings or a sleek pencil skirt. Minimal accessories in silver grey complete any Summer outfit.



Oh Autumns, the camel coloured trench coat was made for you. Pair it with a pale neutral shirt or t-shirt in cream or light sage, and trousers in darkest olive green or deep marine navy if you want to keep away from the deep chocolate brown that is the more traditional dark neutral of the Autumn palette.



While bright bold contrast works incredibly well for you, a monochrome combination can make a satisfying and smart alternative. Picking one set of colours to work with, whether that’s black through charcoal all the way to palest grey or deepest indigo, navy and ice blue, makes this look slick and smooth. For a more down to earth look, try pairing the mole and stone colours from your palette with silver grey.

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  1. BRILLIANT blog. I love the looks you’ve put together – so cool and contemporary. For an understated, chic look, neutrals are vital. And I know exactly what you mean about the crazy colour lady thing – I think that image can really put people off getting their colours done, which is a shame. More like this please!

  2. Really good blog with some inspiring ideas. it is a relief to some neutral suggestions for my season – autumn – really wearable for me. All the seasons look good, and it’s refreshing to see ways to flatter yourself with colours which aren’t crazy bright! thank you!

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