Christmas market weekend

Are you one of those fabulous people who manages to make it to one of the great European Christmas markets each year? Or maybe you’re headed off to New York for an inspired pre-Christmas shopping trip? Or maybe you just want to look slightly more stylish on a family weekend trip to the local farmer’s market and the pub.

Whatever your reasons, having a capsule wardrobe for a busy weekend will not only make life a billion times easier for you, but will help you feel stylish and chic – whether that will be displayed sashaying down 5th Avenue or on the walk down to the local for a lazy Sunday lunch.

The most important information you can have for packing your weekend away wardrobe is your colours and your personal style (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s time to speak to your nearest consultant for a colour and style analysis). Knowing this information will enable you to only pack those clothes which really work for you and which mix and match endlessly, making you look and feel amazing all weekend.

So let’s pretend that we’re going away for, say, a long weekend to one of those fabulous Christmas markets in Europe (because I rather like the idea of doing that), and we want to pack all of our clothes in hand luggage.


The wardrobe


This might not at first glance appear to be entirely capsule, but bear in mind that not only will you be wearing that all weekend, but it includes your travel outfit (less to pack!) and an outfit for an evening out.

The travel outfit


Comfortable, casual and stylish, this leggings and tunic combo will keep you comfy while you fly (or Eurostar. Maybe that’s more glamorous for your city break), while the beautifully light cashmere scarf will double up as a soft wrap to keep you cosy if you need to catch forty winks as you travel.

Saturday shopping


Well wrapped up and effortlessly stylish for perusing all those Christmas presents (and maybe sampling a mulled wine or two) during the day.

Saturday night


Since we don’t want to waste a single minute of this mini break, your weekend capsule wardrobe includes a simple but stylish outfit for Saturday night, ready to grab a meal and take in the sights and sounds of whatever European city you’ve decided to experience this weekend.

Sunday sightseeing


You’ve shopped till you dropped, but why not pack in a bit of sightseeing while you’re at it? And if yesterday’s Christmas market treats and last night’s indulgent meal (of course it was indulgent, you’re on a European mini break!) have left you feeling a little bloated, it seems the perfect time to turn back to that faithful leggings and tunic combination to see you through the day.

Monday travel


Once again, your travel outfit is comfortable and stylish, with everything from your scarf to your hand luggage beautifully co-ordinated with your outfit.

Remember, your own personal colours and style will vary this wardrobe, but the basics apply. Choose clothes that are relaxed and comfortable, but that still leave room for adding a bit of glamour and interest. Sticking to largely neutrals (we’ve chosen shades of brown, from bitter chocolate all the way to beige, as well as a bit of Autumn’s livelier dark neutral, marine navy) and livening it up with one or two accent colours (lime and paprika) guarantees a wardrobe that is endlessly versatile (flight home delayed? You can mix at least another two or three outfits without even trying terribly hard) and effortlessly chic.

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