Got the (furry) blues?

So blue is, as we like to say in the fashion world (see how I just made myself a fashion guru right there?), ‘Having a Moment’. As is ‘Faux Fur’.

As such, the most fashion item you could possibly buy this A/W seems to be a powder blue faux fur coat. While I will obviously fully support you in that purchase, there are perhaps those among us who won’t be pulling off that particular trend this season. However, both faux fur and this season’s passion for blues (either layered up in different shades or as a splash of colour) are all completely accessible if you stick to doing them in ways that honour both your colours and your personal style.

Wearing faux fur with plain basics makes for on trend but wearable day wear for those of us who aren’t strutting our stuff on Fifth Avenue all day, while pairing it with elegant dresses and slimline pencil skirts creates an interesting but still sophisticated silhouette for evening.

For most of us, trends like faux fur are going to be more of a one season wonder than a classic that we’re going to pull out time and again, so I’d suggest searching the high street for your winter faux fur buddy, rather than splashing a great load of cash on one of the pricier ones. I found loads of faux fur in a rainbow of colours in H&M, Miss Selfridge, ASOS and, somewhat surprisingly, M&S.

Although coloured fur is quite the thing if you want to be bang on trend for this year, more natural colours can feel like a less alarming alternative if you don’t want to make quite such a bold statement. If you’re going slightly more natural, look for furs that harmonise with your season’s palettes, whether that’s mole and charcoal for Winters, rose browns and blued greys for Summers, bright tan and cream shades for Springs or rich chestnut and darkest brown for Autumns. Gilets and stoles can also be less intimidating to wear than a full on shaggy number.

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