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I hope you’re all feeling suitably festive and not-too-stressed as we head into our last blog post of 2014!

I was chatting to a client recently about shopping on the Kettlewell site, and she mentioned that she wished there were ways to look at whole outfits together for her season on the website. Since there is exactly that facility, I walked her through using it and chatted to her about the various ways to shop on the Kettlewell website. It occurred to me later that it might be useful for the rest of you (especially those of you shopping for presents for friends and family who might not be the same season as you) to discover the different ways to use the Kettlewell website (if you want to skip straight to shopping by outfit, go to number three below).

1. Shop by item type


This is the most obvious way to shop. On the menu bar on the website hold your mouse over the ‘clothing’ button and a drop down menu appears with every item type. Pleasingly, unlike on some other websites, clothes that fall across more than one category appear in each appropriate category. So the merino cardi coat, for instance, appears in ‘knitwear’, ‘wraps and jackets’ and ‘long sleeves’. So there’s no danger of missing the perfect piece.

2. Shop by seasonimage_two

Next item along on the menu bar. Hold your mouse over the ‘shop by colour’ button and click on the appropriate season. A page will come up showing every single colour in that season, and you can then click on the colours to show every garment available in that colour.

3. Shop the look



Now this is a useful one. Click on the ‘shop the look’ button, and you will be taken to a page of outfit ideas. You can either browse the page of outfits and click to show how that outfit can look for each season, or you can use the left hand menu to select one season’s looks to browse through all of that season’s looks. This can be a great way of getting inspiration for purchases and outfit choices, whether that’s using entirely Kettlewell products or mixing and matching within your own wardrobe too.Browsing through the ‘shop the look’ outfits can give you new ideas for putting your colours together, which can be fabulously refreshing if you’ve got stuck in a bit of a rut with your colours (I speak as someone who spent the first six months after their analysis dressed almost entirely in khaki and red)

 4. Use the blog for inspiration!image_four


Since you’ve arrived here I’ll assume you know that the easiest way to find the blog is by clicking on the ‘blog’ button on the menu bar. Now you’re here, you can have a look through our archives, which are an ever increasing resource for colour and outfit combination ideas for every season.

I hope you all have a fabulously festive Christmas and I look forward to sharing more ideas, inspiration and tips for wearing your colours in the best way for you in 2015! If you have any particular requests for blog posts, please feel free to comment below or drop us an email at

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  1. hi i have just discovered your has been very enlightening. now i have my own dilemma that i hope you can give me some help with. i am going to australia for a month and have had a complete melt down about what to take. i suppose i am asking for a very multi tasking capsule with high heat in mind. i am an autumn dramatic classic if thats any help.

    1. Hello Kay, thanks for your comment! If you would let us know where you live we can recommend a colour stylist who would be only too pleased to help you with your dilemma! Hope you have a wonderful time in Australia.

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