Pantone 2015 colour trends: Which ones work for you?


pantone-spring-2015I always love looking at the Pantone trend colours. Before I trained as an analyst all of these colours were fairly meaningless in real terms, but ever since I trained I find myself immediately categorising the colours into seasons and working out which of my clients are going to have the easiest time of it for this year’s shopping.

The beginning of the spring/summer season is always a good time for the lighter seasons – Spring and Summer (we always say that it’s easiest to buy your season during your season) but this year is particularly good, with a range of fresh, lighthearted colours to see us through the first part of this year.

We always see the Pantone seasonal colours reflected in the shops, but if you’re not sure which ones will work for you, we’ve broken it down for you, and even included the Kettlewell colours that you need to choose to rock this fresh colour trend.


Aquamarine – Don’t be fooled, this colour isn’t the bright turquoise aquamarine of the Spring colour swatches. This is a much softer, more blue based shade that will work brilliantly on Summers and some high street hue interpretations will work well for Springs too.

Kettlewell dupe: forget-me-not, cornflower


Scuba blue – Perfect for Springs, especially Blue Springs (also called Bright Springs in some classifications). You’ll probably also see this colour brighter, lighter and deeper in the shops, which means we may well see versions that work for every season.

Kettlewell dupe: aqua


Lucite green – Reminiscent of 1950s fashion, this shade falls somewhere between Spring’s apple greens and Summer’s jade, so be careful to choose the right one for your season. Slightly softer versions of the shade will work well on Autumns too.

Kettlewell dupe: pastel jade, light teal, mint aqua marl


Classic blue – Ooh, a great neutral for 2015! Lighter than Winter’s navy (although we will see plenty of that around as a safer alternative), Classic blue is very close to Spring’s bright navy, so if you’ve been trying to stock up this is probably the year to do it. Fractionally more intense versions of this colour will work for Winters, and softer versions will be great for Summers.

Kettlewell dupe: bright blue, oxford blue, breton blue, lapis blue, royal blue


Toasted almond – At first glance it’s easy to see this as a warm toned colour for Springs and Autumns (and no doubt that is how we will often see it interpreted), but this shade also has pinky undertones that will make some versions of it work for Brown Summers too. Winters are just going to have to steer clear of this one though!

Kettlewell dupe: mushroom, sesame, camel, biscuit


Strawberry ice – Pantone claim that the word ice next to the strawberry gives us a cool perspective on a warm colour (or words to that effect), and I know what they mean. This colour is going to be great for Springs who are looking for bright coral and flamingo pinks, but a subtle shift and suddenly it’s a Summer coral red or musk pink.

Kettlewell dupe: flamingo pink, coral, soft orchid, musk rose


Tangerine – Definitely one for the warm seasons, this shade will work for Springs, while the slight softness to the tone means that many versions of it will work for Autumns too.

Kettlewell dupe: tangerine, amber


Custard – Another one just for the warm seasons, this colour sits just into the Autumn palette with its softness, but expect to see lots of lighter brighter versions which work for Springs too. Pull it into the appropriate palette by wearing with very definitely Spring or Autumn colours

Kettlewell dupe: old gold


Marsala – The Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015, this shade is a rich warm burgundy brown, which is probably most at home on Blue Autumns, but I have already seen high street versions in warmer richer versions which will suit most autumns, as well as cool burgundies for Winters and rose browns for Summers.

Kettlewell dupe: mahogany, russet, ruby, pink burgundy


Glacier grey – To me this looks just a touch warmer than Winter’s clear crisp grey (although I’m sure we’ll see plenty of that too), making it a perfect dove grey for Springs. I have also seen a lot of deeper and more yellow lizard grey interpretations (a rare treat, as an Autumn, to find lizard grey so easily!).

Kettlewell dupe: silver, warm grey, dove grey, light grey, silver marl, silver grey

Have you seen any of this year’s Pantone trend colours yet? Let me know where you’re spotting them on the high street and maybe I’ll do a round up at some stage.

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  1. Thanks for this. I knew about the ‘pan’ but didn’t think from House of Colour or Colour Me Beautiful that there were any universal colours, except possibly purple!

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