The 10 item I’ve-just-got-a-job capsule wardrobe

mood_boardWe haven’t done a capsule wardrobe post for a while, have we? This post was inspired by a client who recently called me after a Personal Style class, in which we’d carefully sorted her style and wardrobe for a stay at home mother lifestyle, and then she had promptly gone out and got a job (after feeling confident in how she presented for the first time in years, incidentally. The magic of personal colour and style analysis). As such, she needed an entirely new office wear wardrobe to reflect this addition to her lifestyle. It’s actually a relatively common issue that proves the catalyst for clients to come for colour and style analysis – either they have a job for the first time in several years, or perhaps they’re returning to work after maternity leave or changing career paths.

The wardrobe below is more or less the one that my client and I came up with to get her started until she has had enough pay cheques to justify a few more pieces, and I’ve included some more general tips for choosing your perfect 10 piece workwear capsule wardrobe below.capsule_wardrobe_pic

Putting together the perfect office wear capsule wardrobe:

  1. Unless you have a strong preference for trousers or skirts, go for one of each for maximum versatility.
  2. A minimum of four jersey tops, preferably a couple more if your wardrobe can stretch to half a dozen.
  3. A blazer or jacket is invaluable for smarter meetings. If your workplace is particularly formal you may need this to be a skirt/trouser suit to match one of your bottom half pieces.
  4. A cardigan to keep warm on more casual or office based days.
  5. Choose two pairs of (low-enough-to-walk-in) heels – one neutral and one slightly bolder (but not so statement that you can only wear them once a week), to mix things up.
  6. Select your starting capsule wardrobe to reflect the time of year – this one has a definite summer vibe as I didn’t want to dress my (Spring) client in her darkest neutrals of chocolate and navy just as we’re getting into the warmer weather, so a lighter look including her creams and bright colours works well. Come autumn time she will be looking to add a few darker pieces to her capsule wardrobe.
  7. If you have enough tops to feel like you’re maximising your clothes’ mix and match potential and want to have another option, consider adding a dress in when you’re ready to add another garment to your office wear wardrobe.
  8. Make sure your office wear reflects your personal style while remaining within sensible workwear boundaries. Nothing worse than feeling frumpy every day!
  9. Make the most of jewellery you already have to mix your workwear wardrobe up further – simple gold jewellery one day versus a statement necklace the next can really change the look of exactly the same basic outfit.

For details of all these clothes, visit Kettlewell Colours on Polyvore

4 thoughts on “The 10 item I’ve-just-got-a-job capsule wardrobe

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  1. Looks great! Can see so many outfit ideas. However, would love to see a capsule wardrobe for us stay at home mum’s sometime – so fed up of the mum’s uniform of jeans & top! 🙂

  2. Could you please do a blog on what a stay at home mum should have in her capsule wardrobe? This autumn mum has been frumping along for 8 years, with a wardrobe that really doesn’t give me much style confidence.

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