How to shop the site: The update

blog_headerI wrote a post a few months ago on how to use all the different tools on the Kettlewell website to make shopping as straightforward as possible, but those clever folk have gone and added even more ways of using it to make shopping as simple and enjoyable as possible.

So in the last post we covered shopping by item type, shopping by season, shopping the look and using the blog for inspiration, but there are two new great tools to use.

Season filters

First up, there is a whole new set of filters down the left hand side of the screen for filtering the clothes. These filters can be used whenever you click one of the options on the far left drop down menu (the one that shows all the different garment types, or can be used to show all items).

The first filter is brilliant, as it allows you to show each item only in the colours that work for your season. This makes choosing which colour to go for far easier, especially for those tops which are super popular and therefore come in 30+ colours.


The other filters which are available are more ‘standard’ online shopping ones, and allow you to filter by size, style and fabric.

Tonal directions

Kettlewell have added another sorting option on the ‘shop by colour’ dropdown menu (where you used to be able to only select Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) especially for those of you who have been analysed with a system that uses tonal directions rather than seasons to categorise.


This means that as well as being able to sort your clothes by the four seasons, you can also divide by your dominant tonal direction – cool, warm, light, deep, clear and soft. This should make life easier for those of you analysed in that way.


If you have any feedback on these new features, or on the site as a whole, we’d love to hear about it, either through the comments or by email at

2 thoughts on “How to shop the site: The update

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  1. Seemed a really good idea – but I am Warm, Soft and Light. I clicked on Warm, then clicked on Soft, at which point Warm disappeared and I was left with some very cool looking Soft colours. I never got as far as trying Light as well. It would be lovely to find which colours Kettlewell would suggest to suit me.

    1. I would suggest choosing from ‘warm’ but also looking at the ‘soft’ avoiding the cooler, bluer shades. I wouldn’t choose from ‘Light’ but just avoid wearing the darker shades close to your face. If you are choosing from the seasonal palettes, I suggest choosing from ‘Autumn’ but use the more vibrant Autumn shades sparingly. Does that help?

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