The not-a-coat coat

header_bIt’s a wardrobe essential.

The perfect lightweight jacket for warmer spring days and cooler summer ones, for when it’s very definitely not warm enough to go coat-free, but far too warm for a proper winter overcoat (you can tell this week’s post has been inspired by the sudden sunshine, can’t you?). The not-a-coat coat can come in many forms, from the classic blazer to the jersey biker jacket. Of course most ‘fashion rules’ blog posts would be telling you at this stage that all you need is a classic black blazer, but you know that I’m going to say that you should only be going for that if (a) black makes you look amazing and (b) a classic blazer actually suits your personal style and looks chic and sophisticated on you. On me, for instance, a classic cut blazer looks boring and frumpy. On another friend it looks mannish and clumsy.

No, the not-a-coat coat should perfectly match your personal style and your lifestyle. With the addition of a scarf it’s warm enough for a chilly school run in the morning, but can easily be slung over the shoulder or shoved into a bag if the sun gets over-excited later in the day. It can take you from park playtime to smart casual lunch with friends, and it definitely doesn’t need to be a sensible black blazer. So what’s the alternative?

The Stretch/Jersey Blazer

Perfect for a more relaxed look than the classic tailored blazer, the stretch or jersey blazer is an easy and timeless piece that can work with a variety of personal styles, either with jeans for a casual look or dressed up with smart trousers or a pencil skirt.

The Biker Jacket

My personal happy place. A slightly rougher tougher look, which can work really well for casual days with jeans, or pair it with a fab dress for date night.

The Chanel-style Jacket

A slightly more feminine option and often available in a range of colours and styles thanks to its iconic status. Just make sure that the cut suits your shape – sometimes these jackets can be a little boxy, which doesn’t work for everyone, so hunt patiently for your perfect version. Of course, if you’ve got £10,000 or so to spare, there’s always the real deal.

The Coatigan

The casual alternative, but still providing all the cosiness you need on chilly spring mornings. Go for overlong or textured for an up to date look, or keep it simple with clean lines and beautiful quality merino.

And, oh, go on then, the Classic cut blazer

Because there are actually people who it looks good on! Classics become classics for a reason, but be honest with yourself about whether this is your best look before you invest huge sums of money in an ‘investment’ piece.


Details of all jackets can be found on our Polyvore pages

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