That 70s show


that_70s_show_header The 70s revival has been sneaking up on us gradually over the winter, with shops stealthily sliding in a pair of culottes here, a graphic floral print there, but with the arrival of spring they are giving up the pretence and fully embracing the modern take on the 70s that was rife on the catwalks last year. This season’s 70s look is a little less frenetic, a little more Scandi and clean than it was back in the day, with retro silhouettes and styles paired with modern minimalist accessories and make up.

Marking its arrival not just in the shape, a sea of flared legs and crochet dresses, the current love of all things 35-or-more-years-ago is having an impact on the colour palette available when you go shopping. The last few years have been a fabulous time to be a Summer or a Winter, with acres of deep blues and greys alongside brighter fuchsia pinks and pastel and ice shades (and if you’ve tried to buy a work suit in bitter chocolate brown in the past few years you’ll be well aware that the warm toned among us are not terribly well catered for), but as we see more and more of that pared back 70s influence on the country’s collective wardrobe we will see more and more of those cheerful yellows and oranges, greens of every shade, deep browns and warm buttery creams. However, that doesn’t mean that the 70s trend is only available to the Springs and Autumns among us. Oh no.

In fact, whether you want to go into full blown crochet dress territory, or merely give a nod to the trend with a slightly flared pair of jeans, we’ve got the perfect picks for you to access the 70s trend, whatever your palette.




For details of all items, visit our Polyvore page

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