Change the accessories, change the outfit

I spend a lot of time talking to my clients about capsule wardrobes, mix ‘n’ match outfits, utilising their whole wardrobes and other variations on the theme of ‘when you know your colours, everything in your wardrobe goes together so you can get away with owning fewer clothes if you want to.’ It’s one of the biggest benefits of colour analysis, in my opinion; not just having a wardrobe where everything flatters your skin tone and personal style, but where everything goes together in almost limitless combinations so you can always have a fresh look at your fingertips.all_final

As every single fashion magazine will tell you (see, I don’t disagree with fashion magazines on everything. Only the times when they tell me to wear black), in order to have maximum versatility, your wardrobe needs some basics – building block clothes which can be dramatically changed by altering which other clothes or accessories they are worn with. I think that one of the great strengths of Kettlewell’s clothes is that building block potential. A huge variety of necklines, sleeve lengths and styles in the tops as well as basic jersey dresses and bottom halves and you’re already well on the way to the foundation of the perfect capsule wardrobe. The beauty of having these building block pieces is that you can use more statement clothes and accessories to really change the way they look, getting a whole load of bang for your Kettlewell buck. Since you know I love to prove a point with a picture, here’s how easily you can change the look of a basic Kettlewell top (one of my favourites for Spring/Summer ’15) and off white skinny jeans.

To view details of all of the clothes in this post visit Kettlewell’s Polyvore page.

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