Cover up with a colour pop

color popsOh, I know we all hate the phrase ‘a pop of colour’, but actually adding a splash/pop/dash (I’m aware I’m sounding like a breakfast cereal here) of colour to a sensible grown up outfit can make all the difference in the world to how you look and feel. It can also function as a ‘safe’ way to wear your colours if you are feeling a little lacking in confidence with certain colours in your palette.

One of the easiest ways I know, and frequently recommend to clients, to add colour to an outfit is by throwing on a colourful cardigan, blazer or wrap over an outfit made up of neutrals from your palette, and I often suggest this as an easy starting point for the newly-analysed who are stepping away from a comfort zone of black/grey/navy/white for the first time in years. The neutrals provide a sleek background to the bright cover up layer, keeping the look fresh and, if you stick to your lighter neutrals, super summery and seriously stylish. Which, since we are hurtling headlong towards official summer months (even if the weather is occasionally in denial about the fact), seems kind of appropriate.

Wearing colour by adding a bright cover up has the added advantage that if you aren’t the biggest fan of your upper arms, they are covered but without the last minute style-less addition to your outfit of some awful drapey drab number that all but has a sign on it saying, “I bought this really pretty dress, but I hate my upper arms, so I’ve had to don this confidence-sapping garment to cover them up.”

Top tips for adding a bright cover up:

  1. Keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, especially if you are still developing confidence in mixing your whole palette.
  2. Make your colour pop one of your wow colours, the ones that make you look and feel amazing. Getting the compliments for wearing a splash of one of your best colours will give you the confidence to keep experimenting with your palette
  3. Have a play around with different ways to add a splash of colour – a blazer, cardigan or shawl are all straightforward, but how about some super-bright shoes, or a splash of colour in a print? Or a bright summer hat or sunglasses rims? All safe and accessible ways of getting into the bolder colours in your palette
  4. Once you’ve mastered adding one colour, why not have a go at starting with one neutral and adding two colours, and watch the magic happen as your wardrobe comes to life.

If you’ve got any tips or experience to share on adding colour to an outfit for the newly analysed or colour-shy, please share them in the comments!





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