Pick your perfect purple

purple_headerThe 70s trend is still firmly alive and kicking this autumn, and purple is going to be one of the luxe colours we see on the rise this autumn, mixed in with browns, greys and brighter pops of mustard and teal (it’s a good year to be an Autumn).

Purple can be a bit of an overlooked gem in the colour stakes, I find. I get clients desperate to don red or blue or yellow, but it’s rare that someone comes along and announces ‘you know, I’ve always wanted to wear purple’. However, don’t overlook this vibrant but elegant colour. In the right shade it can add depth and interest to your outfit, particularly if you can get ahead of the curve this autumn and grab some before everyone else does.

The other advantage of purple is that a true royal purple is an almost-universal colour. While it might not be quite up there with true red in the will-suit-absolutely-everyone stakes, it’s really almost as reliable as a fail safe colour that will flatter everyone. It also has the advantage of looking more expensive – it can be a great choice if you need a colour for something like a choir or a string quartet – smart and formal looking without being as draining and sombre as black.

Even though you could grab a royal purple and go, to help you ease into this overlooked colour, I thought I’d look at ways you can shift your purple to make it work even more effectively for your season.

Spring – A slightly lighter and brighter purple, such as lobelia will work well, and you can even soften it down into bluebell if you are a less-warm-toned spring. Pair it with aqua or yellow to give it the contrast that works so well for you, or with a pair of cream jeans for a more pared back but still contrasting look.Spring

Summer – You can take your purple softer to our soft violet or go darker, all the way to a deep grape colour. And pastel lilacs work too. You are the perfect season for wearing purple! Layering shades of smokey purple with greys creates a look that is elegant but still modern.Summer

Autumn – As well as the true royal purple (think Cadbury’s purple when you’re shopping!) you can also do a deeper more aubergine-tone shade, such as blackberry. Just make sure it has a bit of warmth about it and hasn’t slipped into Summer’s grape colours. With the 70s trend you can go wild and pair your purples with mustard and brown, or keep it elegant with lizard grey or marine navy.Autumn

Winter – Deeper winters will be able to do blackberry and aubergine as Autumns can, but the rest of you are going to look your best with vibrant bold purples such as royal purple and lobelia. Remember to add contrast in the form of another bright colour or a neutral such as silver or black to stop your purple looking too flat.Winter

ps: if you’re looking for more tips on what to buy this autumn, keep an eye out for next week’s post – I’ve scoured the web and read far more fashion magazines than is good for me, and I’ll be rounding up this autumn’s key trends, just for you. I’m nice like that.

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