A whistle stop tour of key A/W ’15 trends

autumnI know it’s only August, but given the huge influx of autumn/winter clothes onto the high street at the moment, I thought I’d finally begin to give up on summer and start looking towards the cooler weather.

I always think it’s important to note, when looking at seasonal trends, that this isn’t just for the fashion followers among us. Even if you’re not remotely interested in fashion, knowing that this is the year when you can give into your lifelong love of culottes or finally get a decent range of options for the military style winter coat you’ve wanted for years is all helpful information.

Buying just one or two ‘new fashion’ items is also a super simple way to update a wardrobe full of classic pieces and style staples. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has made the mistake of making sure that my wardrobe has all the investment pieces and then realised that all my outfits are just ever so slightly boring because there are none of those extra little bits that add the personality.

So what are those extra little pieces that you can add? Pick a trend and run with it…

Pro-sport modernist

Graphic prints, colourful combinations and ultra-modern fabrics define this look. Neoprene skirts mix with skintight polo necks and faux shearling collars. This look is slightly 80s at times in its ultra-modernism. Asymmetry also works well, as long as it is tightly controlled, not draped and soft.


Simple style and androgyny

The perfect look for those of us who sometimes forget to buy the simple pieces, this look is defined by softly sculptural pieces such as cocoon coats, oversized sweaters and wide leg wool trousers. Also rife are more natural neutrals such as grey, camel and olive green, as opposed to starker navy or black. Androgynous details such as braces or skinny ties complement this look, but might be a bridge too far for more nervous fashionistas!


Playing at princesses

Unapologetically girly, this look is all about layers of tulle, intricate patterns and embroidery, brooches and belts. And if you’re feeling a bit rebellious the odd pop of an unexpected colour, or a peep of a biker boot or a subversive print such as a skull and crossbones worked into girly lace.


The immortal 1970s

Of course! this trend is still firmly alive and kicking into A/W 2015. This season’s style is evolving into a slightly more folkloric look, wth sheepskin, folksy prints and a bohemian, Marrakech inspired feel. Think velvet, soft patchwork and high necklines. Ponchos and polo necks are an easy way to access this trend without going for a full on pair of purple velvet flares!


Key colours

And of course, being colour people, we love to look at the colours we’ll be seeing this autumn. The heavy 1970s influence means that warm toned colours, particularly from the Autumn palette, will be easy to find, particularly shades of orange, brown, beige and teal. However, plenty of those brighter blues and oranges and beiges will also translate well for Springs. For the cool tones, grey and mole shades, or mushroom browns for Summers, can help give a more natural, retro feel without compromising your palette. Bright reds will also abound, particularly in the more modern trends, and there seems to be an awful lot of blue in every shade from midnight to ice, particularly in the more feminine styles.

As usual, details of all items can be found on our Polyvore page. NB some Kettlewell items may show incorrectly as ‘Sold Out’ – please check our website for availability. The Kettlewell items featured in this post will not be available until the AW15 collection comes out around the beginning of September.

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