New season sneak peek: my favourites

The new season of Kettlewell clothes is nearly upon us, and I am beside myself with excitement to show you lots of new ways for styling the new clothes and revamping some old favourites. All that will come in time, but for now I thought I’d just share a couple of my favourites from the new collection.

polo necksilky_roll_neck

However you wear it – layered under a wrap dress, paired over culottes for the silhouette that every fashion blogger worth her salt is sporting this autumn or simply as an extra layer under your merino sweater to keep you cosy – the humble polo neck is around in a big way this autumn. Polo necks are great for wearing your best seasonal colours right up next to your face, so take the opportunity to look your most radiant ever.

lace bolerolace_bolero

I think this is such a clever little top. Perfect for layering over sleeveless party dresses for warmth and bingo-wing-coverage, this long sleeved lace bolero will transform your Christmas-party-confidence. As a side note, If you’re having a winter wedding these long sleeved tops make amazing cover ups for the bride or bridesmaids. Stay classic in cream or go wild in one of the rainbow of amazing colours.

ella topella_top

Another great shape for the vintage inspired looks that are so popular this year, the Ella top is fractionally longer, and its heavy jersey fabric makes it more forgiving, than lots of similar styles out there this autumn. I tried this on at a recent trip up to Kettlewell HQ recently and was really surprised by how flattering the boxy-but-soft cut is, so if you’re placing an order I’d recommend giving it a try. Pair it with jeans for an off duty look or with slim cut 7/8 trousers and patent loafers for a smart work look that nods to the retro trend.

cardi coat    cardi_coat

I just love this! As well as being a great in-between cover up for those cooler autumn days when you don’t want to wear a great big coat, I also think this is the ultimate loungewear cosy cardi for when the temperature really drops. Infinitely more flattering and stylish than the ubiquitous onesie, but every bit as warm in densely knitted merino wool.

crossover dresscrossover_dress

You remember when everyone was saying how wrap dresses were so incredibly flattering? And every woman out there was going, ‘no, actually they aren’t. The belt makes me look like a pillow tied in the middle and the wrap is too low so my boobs are on show.’ Well, I give you the wrap dress that is genuinely flattering. With a fixed wrap front to avoid gaping issues and an amazingly flattering double layer ruched waist for instant slimming, it really and truly is uber flattering. And the almost-midi length feels far more modern than the wrap dresses that Trinny and Susannah were trying to stuff us into a decade ago. And for maximum style points, pair it with a contrasting polo neck (did I mention polo necks are an essential this year?) for instant 70s inspired chic.

As usual, check out our Polyvore page for details of accessories.

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  1. Love the new designs especially the lace bolero and the polo neck. You are a company that truly are the best for separates. i have bought many items from you over a number of years and still have some of the basic scoop neck tops. I am about to start a blog called, “modish at 60″. I am keen to highlight companies who cater for those of us over 50 and who have the foresight to know that a capsule wardrobe of well made basics are the key to dressing well into old age. My 89 year old mother loves the soft feel of your tops and the comfort of your jersey trousers. As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive and so the material of our clothing cannot be cheap and scratchy. Although I am slim, as is my mother, I have had a number of operations which make wearing a comfort waistband essential. Neither of us want to wear the thin, harsh polyester that is so often used in the clothing for older women. Do manufacturers really think that older women care only for cheap and mass produced elasticated trousers and scratchy twinsets or, worse still, floral shapeless tunics that pretend to be fashionable? Money may be an issue for many women but I haven’t met one who wouldn’t spend more in order to look and feel good. One Kettlewell top and lots of pretty scarves can make renew a wardrobe and make it work – financially as well. I have shown many of my friends that this way of wardrobe building is really effective and good fun. The soft jersey jackets are a godsend and can be worn in so many ways – far more youthful than a cardigan. Pair the jacket with jersey trousers and a scoop top and you look 10 years younger. Add a stole and you are ready to go out; feeling confident, comfortable and looking VISIBLE. The elderly woman is still a girl inside and doesn’t deserve to be consigned to ‘The Classic Collection” – she is not a vintage car but a woman who wants to feel beautiful, her body encased in quality clothing that she can remove with ease at the end of her day. Elaine

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We forwarded this to everyone in the office to read as it is so good to receive such positive feedback. We wish you every success with your new blog and do let us know when it is launched.

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