Breeze through autumn with our essential footwear round up


It’s definitely autumn now, isn’t it? No more attempts at Indian summers, and a mild day is now one that only requires a coat, rather than a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

Which means – breathe a sigh of relief – we have made our way through the second trickiest footwear period of the year (second, because we all know that leaving winter boots behind in springtime takes the gold medal in that particular competition). Now it is pretty much boots boots and more boots all the way through, interspersed with the odd pair of fluffy slippers and party shoes.

And so we can finally, legitimately, consider the boots that are going to get you through the next four (or, let’s be honest, probably anything up to six) months. Because I love you all, I’ve rounded up the top four boot trends for this winter, but before we head into the key shapes, let’s take a quick look at the recurring features cropping up in boots this winter:

  1. Suede suede and more suede – yup, once again that 70s trend is dictating, and suede boots are everywhere this year. Perfect if you are a suede addict like me, less ideal if you are someone who likes all their new things to stay shiny and pristine.
  2. Pointed toes – not just in boots, but in loafers and court shoes, the pointy toe is back with a vengeance. While this look might be a bit of a one season wonder, if you have any point toe boots kicking around this is the perfect opportunity to break them out and feel frightfully current.
  3. Block heels – you guessed it; 70s trend influence again. Block heels for 2015 are coming in every material from stacked wood to rubber to transparent perspex though, and feel thoroughly twenty first century, especially with the addition of item number four…
  4. Cleated soles – if you have no idea what I mean, think clumpy Doc Martens treads, those are cleated soles. These frightfully sensible soles are the autumn/winter follow on from the flatform trend, made slightly more wearable and realistic.
  5. Metallic touches – not just metallic finishes on leather, we are particularly seeing little metal toe and heel caps on boots (particularly of the chelsea variety). I was an instant hater of this trend but, as is so often the way, after a month of seeing them I’m finding myself wondering if actually it might work rather well for me….

Look 1: The chelsea boot chelsea_boot

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the inexorable rise of the chelsea boot. Once called jodhpur boots and the preserve only of those actually under the age of 12 and riding a pony, chelsea boots have gone all mainstream on us. Available in a range of colours, degrees of chunkiness and with elastic that can tone or clash as your personal taste demands, chelsea boots are apparently here for the duration. While they are a fairly versatile boot, if your style tends towards to romantic and overtly feminine, the chances are you’ll want to give these a miss. If you can’t bear to, keep an eye out for suede and heeled versions to add a bit of softness and femininity.

Look 2: high heeled knee high bootknee_high

Remember those hugely expensive equestrian inspired knee high boots you have in the wardrobe? Think about leaving them there for another season (they’ll be back, I promise). This year’s knee high boot is distinctly 70s inspired, with a block heel and round toe, and there’s every chance that it is (a) suede and (b) some shade of brown between tan and chocolate.

Look 3: midi bootsmid_calf

An upgrade from the ankle boot, and a good substitute for the colder months, the midi boot is exactly what it says on the tin – a mid-calf boot, perfect for pairing with this seasons longer skirts and culottes. Just wear them exactly as you would wear an ankle boot, and be grateful for the extra insulation!

Something I’ve seen a lot of practical fashionistas doing is adding boot cuffs (OK, leg warmers, if we’re being brutally honest) which peep out the top of their midi boots, giving knee high warmth with midi boot style.

Look 4: over the knee bootsover_the_knee

Now this one really is the look of the season. Over the knee (OTK) boots have been creeping up on us for several years now, but have stayed the preserve of the truly fashionista. This year they have exploded in popularity, and come in every possible shape and style. Whether your preference is for grungy, sleek, slouchy or polished, there’s a pair of OTK boots out there.

While initially slightly intimidating, OTK boots can actually be very wearable, especially if they are flat and suede and sit just above the knee rather than 7/8ths of the way to your crotch. Try pairing with skinnies or a short skirt and ultra-thick opaques.





As usual, details of all items shown can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page

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