Your new year style resolutions

headerIt’s that time again, when we all sit down and think up a totally unsustainable and unmanageable list of aims for the coming year (daily gym session and no more sugar ever again, anyone?), which we can safely assume will be abandoned by about the third of January.

But wouldn’t it be nice to start the new year with a handful of resolutions that you can keep? Here’s four that won’t have you reaching for the biscuit tin within days:

If you haven’t started wearing colour yet, start small and keep going 

Wearing colour can be daunting, and so many people who have their colours analysed are so alarmed at the prospect of top to toe bright colours after years of safe blacks and greys that they never really take the first step. If that’s you, then make 2016 the year you start wearing colours. Don’t panic about co-ordinating every single part of your outfit to your palette – just start small, with a scarf, a camisole or a t-shirt, and add layers of other colours as you gain confidence. Using the Summer palette…

start_small_aDeclutter your clothes to make a streamlined capsule wardrobe

If you have an unwieldy, overfull wardrobe, declutter it into a more streamlined capsule one in which your best colours dominate. Make sure you have a selection of tops in your colours, and work down from there to trousers, dresses, skirts and accessories.


Refresh your workwear

Wearing your colours at work will have a huge effect. Wearing your best colours will give you authority, style and presence, and ensure you are remembered for the right reasons, so why not make 2016 the year in which your workwear works for you, rather than detracting from you? Start with a small capsule of your neutrals and a couple of brighter tops, and take it from there. Using the Spring palette…

workwear_aMake 2016 the year of luxury loungewear

If you spend any significant time at home (whether you are a stay at home parent, retired, working from home or just like your house!), the chances are you spend a significant amount of time in casual clothes. Wearing scruffy, ageing loungewear is a surefire way to feel scruffy and ageing yourself, so why not treat yourself to some casual clothes that make you feel amazing, and that don’t have you hiding behind the door when someone calls unexpectedly? Using the Winter palette…


For full details of all items shown – visit the Kettlewell website or our Polyvore page for non-Kettlewell items.

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