Red carpet ready or colour clashing disaster?


Awards season is in full swing again, with the amazing dresses of the stars attending each event making the red carpet flow with colour like a rainbow river. And, since we are all about the colour, we thought we’d take a look at some of the key red carpet trends appearing this year.

Of course, here at Kettlewell HQ we know it’s not just about choosing the colour that’s on trend, but choosing the colour that’s not just on trend for the rest of the world but also timelessly perfect for you. So who rocks their look and who could have used a little colour advice before the party?


You can’t go wrong with classic camel, right? Rosie Huntington Whiteley (third from left) and Kate Hudson (far right) look ethereal and elegant, but we think the usually statuesque and striking Eva Green (second from left) looks ever so slightly diminished in her warm toned nude frock.

Camel Gold - Spring


As we often tell you here, red suits everyone – but only the right red. And actually we think that all the stars below really went with their best red for the event, with all of them glowing gloriously in their red-carpet-matching shades. Emmy Rossum’s (far left) ivory skin looks so perfect next to her vibrant scarlet dress that she has to win best red for us.

Red - Winter


Pastel whites and pinks were another key red carpet trend (and a catwalk one – all influenced by the Pantone Colours of the Year). It’s a tricky look to pull off, requiring the selection of the most perfect skin tone-flattering pastel shades; rather than being easier to wear than deeper brighter colours, the truth is that there’s nowhere to hide when you go for pastel, so it needs to be spot on. Cate Blanchett (second from left) nails it, but Rooney Mara (far right) to our eyes looks a little more ghostly pale than ethereal beauty.

Ethereal Pink and Soft White - Summer


It’s a brave choice, but worth it if you can pull it off, especially with orange appearing as one of the key catwalk trends for summer 2016. And Amy Adams (far left) pulls it off in spades. Many red-heads steer clear of orange for fear of clashing with themselves, but Amy Adams shows how to do it to perfection. Giuliana Rancic (far right), suits the style of her dress down to the ground (which is pretty much where the sleeves reach to), but the colour isn’t doing her any favours, giving her the slightly jaundiced air that is so often seen when a client at a colour analysis class is draped in the wrong colours before being shown the right ones.

Vibrant Orange - Autumn

Visit our polyvore page to see where you can get these looks for yourself!

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