But I always wear neutrals, so I don’t need a colour analysis….

As a stylist, I quite often find myself chatting to people about what I do – it’s one of those jobs that sounds slightly glamorous (it can be) and interesting (always. Except maybe at tax return time) and people always want to know more. However, when they find out that a key part of what I do is colour analysis, they often shy away slightly. “Oh, I don’t really wear colour, I don’t think it would work for me,” or “I could never abandon black/navy/grey/white/beige (delete sensible neutral as appropriate).”

The thing is, and keep it to yourself because I don’t often share this among my colour loving colleagues and friends, I don’t actually like to wear bright colours a lot of the time. I gravitate towards dark neutrals and monochrome palettes for my everyday wear, with maybe an unexpected bright pop of colour when I’m feeling particularly perky.

However, for neutrals lovers like me, colour analysis still has a life changing (yes, really. I’m not even slightly exaggerating) role to play. There’s a lot to be said for knowing that you look minimalist and sleek rather than channelling Cruella de Vil.

And to show you how a minimalist palette can work for each season, we put together a mood board of neutrals for each season, in the hope of tempting even you neutral lovers into the power of colour analysis. Because whatever your colour preferences, knowing which tones of each colour to wear can mean the difference between, ‘are you ok? You look tired’ and ‘wow, have you been on holiday?’

Spring neutrals



Summer neutrals




Autumn neutrals




Winter neutrals




Details of all images including Kettlewell items can be found on our Pinterest board – Unexpected Neutrals

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