Demystifying universal colours

If you’ve shopped on Kettlewell’s site before, you may have noticed that we show some colours as working for every season. This might be confusing for you if you were told that every single colour apart from true red falls distinctly into a season, so we thought it was about time we explained ourselves.



There are currently four universal colours available at Kettlewell, with one more coming in the new season. Each of these colours is flattering to every skin tone, it just needs to be styled in the right colour combination to make it work best for you. These universal colours are a great choice if you haven’t had a colour analysis yet, as there’s about a 99.9% chance they’ll work well on you and will tone in with plenty of colours in your wardrobe.

The magic of universal colours lies in the way you combine them with the clothes you have. You can see in the image below how different Blue Jade, our new season universal colour, looks depending on which season it is styled for.

  • Spring – Blue Jade needs some contrast, and to be brought into the light bright spring palette. Pairing it with light neutrals such as Soft White and Dove Grey gives it the lift it needs.


  • Autumn – Blue Jade gets given a dose of autumn bonfire warmth by pairing it with rich Mocha and Camel. The tonal shades bring it into the autumn palette, but with a warmth not found in Summer colours.


  • Summer – Softened down by pairing it with harmonious Light Grey and Bright Navy, Blue Jade is brought into the elegant Summer palette.


  • Winter – Bold contrast and blocks of colour bring out the brightness in Blue Jade, and give the contrast that Winters need to look their best, here shown with White, Light Grey and Fuchsia.


All new Kettlewell items shown are available in 2-3 weeks. Also shown in the Winter look is the Merino wrap in Light Grey Marl – available now!

Details of all other items shown can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page.

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