Where sportswear meets colour analysis


It’s all been a bit athletic over here at Kettlewell blog HQ recently. I’ve been enjoying a daily morning yoga session for a while now, but I’ve also just returned from a week’s walking holiday in the Lake District. Outfitting myself for these and other outdoorsy or sporty activities made me think about how colour affects our mood and confidence all of the time, not just when we’re at work or otherwise ‘on duty’. It’s rare that anyone ever even sees my morning yoga (there’s only so many people up and about at 4:45am, after all), but wearing colours I love and that make me look and feel my best seems to always give me that extra bit of zing (or maybe zen?) during those early morning starts. And when you’ve scrambled up a mountain with zero make up and even less dignity, it’s nice to know that your clothes are giving your appearance a bit of a boost when you stop for the inevitable windswept photo at the top.

I also get a lot of clients who come to a colour analysis session with the claim that they doubt it will help them, as they never wear make up/spend all their time in practical outdoor gear/do ten mile trail runs three times a week (OK, there was only one person who said that)/work from home, but I think that actually all that stuff is at least as important as getting it right for special occasions. After all, if you spend 60% of your time in casual/sports/outdoor clothes, imagine how much better you’d feel about yourself in general if you knew that for that 60% of the time you still looked great?

In the four practical/sporty/outdoorsy looks below, you can see that wearing your best colours doesn’t need to be reserved for the boardroom, and you don’t always need a red lipstick to feel amazing. If you click on the collages to head to the Polyvore page for each one, you’ll also see my favourite shops for colourful sports and outdoor clothing.

Using the Spring palette:hiking

Using the Winter palette:running

Using the Summer palette:yoga

Using the Autumn palette:water-sports


For details of all products shown, visit the Kettlewell Polyvore page.

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  1. Aah, not into running etc, but am golf devotee – like many retired ladies its a great sport to take up in your 60s. Just one big drawback – golf dress code requires that tops have a collar, so OK in the winter with rollnecks, but need polo shirts for the summer and sadly not enough in your range. Shame, fabric and colours would be perfect. Golf clothes can be wonderfully vibrant and colourful, but that collar is essential; so new range please.

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