How to wear white


Knowing your best white – whether it’s a soft white, cream, oyster or optic bright white – is a powerful weapon to have in your style arsenal. Whether you want to rock a sleek monochrome look or simply add a little light and bright to an outfit, knowing which white to go for will keep your look chic, current and, most importantly, right for you.

A personal colour analysis from a qualified stylist will give you all the information you need to choose your white (and red, and blue, and grey, and yellow, and and and….), which will make you look and feel your best even in this minimalist shade.

If you haven’t yet had a colour analysis, the best option to go for is usually a slightly soft off white rather than a true bright white – the softer version looks better than true white for Summers, Autumns and Springs, and even on Winters isn’t too terrible, so it’s a good safe hedge-your-bets option if you don’t know what to go for.

However, if you’ve had a personal colour analysis and know your season, then getting your white right is simple:

Spring – go for a warm buttery cream. Think of the shades of warm golden white you get in single, double and clotted cream. Pair with a splash of colour during the day or go for chic gold accessories in the evening.spring

Summer – a soft off white, your white can be tricky to find as it has no warmth or creaminess to it, but is very definitely not bright true white. Often called ‘soft white’ or, confusingly, ‘winter white’ in stores.summer

Autumn – again, you need a warm yellow based creamy shade, but it doesn’t need the brightness of the spring palette – you may be able to pull of a soft white as well as the ideal more golden creamy options.autumn

Winter – optic white is the way forward for you. Bright, stark and as high contrast as it gets when paired with brights or black. For a sophisticated look try combining it with silver grey or a pop of fuchsia pink.winter

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