Four destinations, four essential outfits

header Ah, summer, how we love you (and thank you thank you for that long awaited heat wave!). And summer means, for many of us, holidays, and the almost inevitable packing crisis.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the camping holiday, although I win no prizes for the most intrepid camper ever – I am all about the big bell tent, plentiful quilts and blankets and enough chocolate (and gin and tonic) to keep a small army going. After a decade of camping several times a year, I’ve mastered the essential outfit – relaxed jeans, Birkenstocks (and I am clinging on to this brief period of them being in fashion with both hands, believe me) and as many layers as I can get about my person for the cool British summer evenings!

However, I do occasionally get to visit other destinations, and I think each one comes with its iconic perfect outfit. So whatever your holiday of choice, we’ve got your essential outfit sorted.

Escape to the sunescape_to_the_sun

Beachside hotel or country villa rental, you can’t beat a few days of genuinely hot sunshine in a location that practically demands that you lounge in a bikini.

City breakcity_break_c

A city break absolutely requires a pair of white (or your version of white, depending on your best colours) jeans. Keep them straight legged rather than super skinny and wear with comfortable sneakers for sight seeing and with your favourite heels for a romantic evening out.

UK campinguk_camping

Whatever the weather, layers are essential, and you can’t beat a pair of throw on sandals for ease of use. Cool in hot weather, quick-dry in wet weather. Perhaps not to be worn with socks when it gets cold though – don’t forget to throw in a pair of boots too!

Luxury hotelluxury_hotel

Lucky enough to get a break away to a luxury country hotel this year? Whether you’re staying in the UK or visiting warmer climes, you can’t go wrong with a pretty dress and a pair of flat sandals for wandering the grounds, and a cosy cashmere mix cardigan to throw on when the evening chill hits.

For details of all items, visit our Polyvore page.

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