Colour harmony, whatever your lifestyle


I often get two friends come together for a colour analysis. Client 1 is hugely enthusiastic and ready to apply her soon-to-be-newfound knowledge to every aspect of her lifestyle. Clients 2, however, has been dragged along by number 1 and usually opens with, “this isn’t really for me, because I just spend my weeks in a suit and my weekends in leisurewear, so really there’s no need.”

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before Client 2 understands that whatever her lifestyle, having a wardrobe of clothes that flatter her and co-ordinate well is still going to make her life easier and more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, there are some people to whom I never get to show the magic of colour analysis, because they don’t get dragged along by their friend, so I never get the opportunity to disprove their ‘it’s not worth it for my lifestyle’ reasoning.

So really, I’m writing this post in the hope that all you colour converts will share it with your friends who have been making excuses not to get their own colour analysis session.

And what do I want to show your suited and booted friend? Why, an inspirational wardrobe, of course. But one that she can imagine wearing in a formal work environment, and then perhaps another easy weekend loungewear one. Because the counter-argument to her ‘I’m always in a suit or loungewear’ reasoning is twofold – not only will colour analysis mean that her suits will now make her look amazing (we all know the amazing difference that choosing the right shade of navy makes, or getting the perfect colour top to go under a work jacket), but weekend wear will become genuinely effortless for the first time, while also making her look and feel amazing.

And so, Client 2, I’m doing this just for you. First up is a workwear capsule wardrobe that beats an endless run of black suits with a selection of unexciting tops underneath. Don’t forget, of course, that colour analysis will also show you your ultimate red lipstick!


And when it comes to the weekend, imagine being able to pull on your loungewear and still feel brilliant about yourself, knowing that everything you choose to wear will make you look your best. And this bit is even easier, because you can just grab your favourite jeans, then browse Kettlewell for a selection of leggings, knitwear, scarves and casual jersey basics and that’s your weekend wardrobe sorted.


For details of all items shown visit the Kettlewell Polyvore page here.

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