Change the colour, change the style


Have you got a Kettlewell top that you love and that you know works well for you, but you’re reluctant to take the plunge of ordering it in another colour or two in case they aren’t quite as good as the original?

Having the same top in a variety of colours might not feel wildly exciting, but actually it can give you much greater wardrobe flexibility and keep your outfits feeling fresh. If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to make the same old faithful do double (or triple) duty and it just looks and feels a bit boring and stagnant, then adding in a variation in colour of the same top might be just what you need. Mixing up your colour choices will get rid of that feeling and bring the joy back to your favourite top two or three times over (depending on how many colours you order!).


A top that works well as a light neutral for a formal office environment can also look timelessly chic in a bright for more casual outfits – whether that’s dress down Friday at the office or a weekend lunch out. Or try it in a colour to match your bottom half for a different look with the same great fit.

Shown here the Kettlewell Silky V neck in Ice Blue, True Red and Periwinkle.

Details of other items can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page.

I have decided that tunics are officially a wardrobe essential for 2016 after seeing the versatility of the Bailey tunic in action. Whether it’s super casual with jersey trousers or dialled up to maximum glamour with leather leggings for evening, the Bailey tunic is the holy grail party season top – as comfortable as pyjamas, but smart enough for an evening out, and long enough to disguise any slight over-indulgence at the buffet!


Lounging Around – Bailey Tunic in Charcoal, Jersey trousers in Charcoal and Merino Infinity Scarf in Sapphire.

Lunch out – Bailey Tunic in Mallard worn with Florence Infinity Scarf in Acid Yellow

Evening Glamour – Bailey Tunic in Deep Claret

All from Kettlewell. Details of other items can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page.


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