This is officially the most versatile skirt ever

I’ve always been a huge fan of Kettlewell’s ruched skirt, but it’s just got even better; now available in two lengths and even more colours, this flatters-every-body-shape skirt is without a doubt the most useful item of clothing you will buy this winter. AND it’s basically as comfortable as wearing your pyjamas, thanks to the super stretchy fabric and soft waistband.

If the idea of a stretch jersey skirt clinging to every last lump is faintly horrifying, panic not. The ruched fabric means that the skirt, rather than highlighting every flaw, gently smoothes and disguises any bumpy bits, giving a flattering silhouette which can be paired with a huge range of fitted or slouchy top halves.



Styling the ruched skirt is a piece of cake. Ankle boots are always an easy win with a ruched skirt to keep things feeling modern, whether you go for flat chelsea boots or skyscraper heels. Keep your boots, tights and skirt all in similar shades for an elongating effect, or go for contrasting tights if you want to add a bit of fun. Add a slouchy top, either tshirt or knitwear, for effortless casual, or go a little more fitted for sleek workwear. Going super-fitted on top will really amp up the drama for evening as an alternative to a more draped look.

In short, you need to try one, whatever your body shape and style. The short length is great for, well, shorter people, and for putting together a more casual look (especially with boots and opaques in winter), while the longer one is great for (shocker) those with more height as well as for more formal outfits.


Items from Kettlewell: Cashmere Gauze Stole in Blue Mist, Long Ruched Skirt in Navy, Wrap Bracelet in Silver


Items from Kettlewell: Tasha Top in Neon Yellow, Ruched Skirt in Black, Wrap Bracelet in Navy


Items from Kettlewell: Tasha Top in Cobalt Blue, Ruched Skirt in Cobalt Blue, Sasha Belted Cardi in Charcoal, Tassel Necklace in Starlight Grey

Details of all other items can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore Page

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