How to wear navy {intro post}


Navy blue really is one of the ultimate classics. Timeless, elegant and more flattering than black, it also works with a huge range of colours – there’s a reason that a version of it appears in all four of the seasonal colour palettes.

However, it’s also one of those colours that it’s easy to stop making an effort with, and to just pair with the same safe go to option that you always do, whether that’s white, light grey or pale pink, and it starts to look and feel a bit flat and boring. However, with a little effort navy can become a hugely versatile colour, a real foundation stone in your wardrobe, and can manage everything from timeless chic, to party clothes or thoroughly modern minimalism.

If you don’t know your seasonal colour palette, you can keep reading this post for expert tips on styling navy whatever colours you have in your wardrobe, but if you know your colours then I am excited to be able to share an exciting new blog feature that I know lots of you have been waiting for – individual dedicated seasonal posts! Click below to go straight to navy styling tips for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, or read on for more general styling tips.







Six steps to nailing navy:

  1. Navy is a great ‘safe’ neutral if you don’t know your seasonal palette – far less harsh than black, but with all the slimming, chic benefits, it’s an easier option than black for the majority of skin tones.
  2. Try pairing your navy blue with soft white for a more formal look. Unless you know you have a ‘Winter’ palette skintone, soft white is a safer alternative than stark white, as it works on more skin tones and is less harsh.
  3. Pair navy with true red for a guaranteed flatter-everyone bright look – true (i.e. not orangey and not bluey) red is a universal colour that suits every skin tone as it has no warmth or coolness.
  4. If you’re not ready for a fun colour analysis yet, take the quick colour analysis quiz to give you an idea which navy might work best for you, and which colours to pair with it! (And if you are ready to take the analysis step, you can find your nearest consultant here).
  5. Stick to one ‘type’ of navy – familiarise yourself with true navy, bright navy, french navy and marine navy, and try to stick to buying your favourite one. Mixing several shades of navy within one outfit is a surefire way to look less well put together.
  6. Pinterest is your friend when it comes to finding combinations to wear your navy in. Simple search for ‘navy colour palette’ or ‘navy outfit’ to open up a world of colour inspiration.


Details of all items shown can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page

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