Red is the new black

melissa_lola_aIt’s right about now, as the first of the festive invitations start to fall through the letterbox – or, rather, pop into my inbox – that my thoughts turn to what to wear to Christmas parties. I’ve been a fan of the popular skinny jeans, sparkly top and killer heels combo for a couple of years now, but being a true Spring, whose palette includes turquoise, mint and peach, that other Christmas party staple, the Little Black Dress (LBD), has been strictly off-limits.

I’m envious of people who look fabulous in black but there’s no getting away from the fact that it just doesn’t like me. It makes me look tired and old, so I avoid it at all costs. I literally have no black in my wardrobe, which is strange because back in my twenties in London I used to live in it. But that was before I started wearing lighter and brighter colours; after that my favourite black polo-neck no longer held the same allure and I gradually phased it out altogether. Nowadays I leave black to the fashion press and to Winters, who, with their dark hair and pale colouring, can carry it off in a way I never could.

To my mind, though, every bit as stylish as the LBD is the LRD – otherwise known as the Little Red Dress. Glamorous, daring and guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd, it’s the perfect antidote to all that black. Let’s put it this way: no one ever wore a red dress and went unnoticed. Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, or Jessica Rabbit in Who Killed Roger Rabbit? Precisely.

So I know what I’ll be slipping into this party season – a Lola Dress in True Red. It’s made from stretch jersey, so it flaunts a curvy figure, and has a good quality lining that holds you in at the same time. I used to hide my curves in the past but nowadays I’m far less self-conscious, so this is the perfect dress for me – fitted yet supportive in all the right places and a really beautiful shade of red, which compliments all the seasons.

But don’t just take my word for it: read what one of our lovely customers, Jennifer, has to say of her recent purchase: “No wonder this is a best-seller. Decided on a ‘little red dress’ and I’m not disappointed… so many favourable comments, I nearly blushed.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d say this is what it is called a fashion hit.

What I’m loving to add some sparkle…

Coin pendant nacklace
Coin pendant necklace
Wrap bracelet
Leaf charm necklace
Leaf charm necklace
Metallic Leather Clutch
Metallic Leather Clutch

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