New year, new colour combinations – whatever your palette by Jo

header_cJanuary can be such a time of drudgery. You might be off the wine and chocolate, sick of the grey weather or just experiencing a post-festive-period come down; sometimes this time of year is a bit of a challenge.

Whatever the weather and whatever your mood, however, I guarantee that refreshing your wardrobe with a new colour combination or two will lift your spirits and get you excited about your clothes again.

I absolutely love the newly revamped and gloriously inspiring new colour combinations pages that Kettlewell have put together, and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites for each season (and for those of you who don’t know your own personal colour palette yet!).

If you know your personal colour palette, simply click on the links below to go straight to your own seasonal page, or if you don’t know your season, read on for ideas that will suit almost anyone.

raw-autumn_link raw-spring_linkraw-summer_linkraw-winter_link





springAqua, turquoise and teal are colours that suit a wide range of skin tones, so can be a great safe bet for anyone who doesn’t know their palette. You’ll notice that almost every shade of aqua or teal that Kettlewell stocks is coded for at least two seasons, and some suit three or even all four.raw-summerThis is more of a neutral colour combination, but I’ve put it in here because soft white and grey are colours that can look great on a range of skin tones, so can be worth trying if you feel unsure about committing to stark white or warm buttery cream.raw-autumnThis is a bold bold option, but if you love bright colours then I think this neon yellow can be a brilliant accent to any outfit. Chocolate marl is a less common dark neutral that is given new life with the addition of the deep forest green and neon bright.raw-winterNavy is another great neutral that I frequently recommend to people who haven’t had their colours analysed. A great formal and casual neutral, it works on more skin tones than stark black, even for many Winters (the only season which is encouraged to adopt black). Liven up your navy with purple and fuchsia and give it a bit of zing to see off the winter blues.

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