Better than black


Way back last year, I wrote a post on how colour analysis can still work even if you are addicted to black, and I promised you a post on some even better options when you felt ready to ditch the black for good. Finally, that post has made it to the top of my never-ending list of post ideas.

Yes, black is ‘timeless’ and ‘a classic’, but the fact is that on most of us it is (a) really rather draining, and (b) unless you are wearing beautifully cut well dyed, non-faded designer black, it doesn’t actually look any more elegant and well put together than any other colour (and I would argue that even that deep black designer piece might look even better in a slightly different shade which allows us to see the gorgeous cut and detailing, rather than hiding it all in a light absorbing swathe of darkness). Even for Winters (the only season to which we ‘give’ true black and white), there are alternatives within the palette, so whatever your season I’m going to try to persuade you away from the black.


Kettlewell items shown: Silky V Neck in Ice Blue and Soft White, Mid Cascade in Black and Bright Navy, Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black and Bright Navy, Metallic Ballerina Pumps in Light Gold


Kettlewell items shown: Silky Crew Neck in White and Soft White, Florence Infinity Scarf in Black and Fig



Kettlewell items shown: Sasha Belted Cardigan in Oyster Marl, Long Vest in Black and Mocha, Long Leggings in Black and Marine Blue

raw-winters_bKettlewell items shown: Faux Wrap Long Sleeve in Black and Charcoal, Jersey Trousers in Black and Charcoal, Florence Infinity Scarf in Fuchsia


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