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Introducing the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

I look forward to writing this post at the beginning of every year. The colour of the year from Pantone® has such a huge influence on not just the clothes but the art, interiors and lifestyle products we’ll see in shops over the coming 12 months.

And this year’s colour is… drum roll…. Ultra Violet!

In the words of world renowned colour authority Pantone®, “inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” The colour experts go on to state that Ultra Violet “suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead and the discoveries beyond where we are now.” Much like, and perhaps even more so than, 2017’s Greenery, Ultra Violet feels somewhat optimistic and adventurous, a marked step away from the safer, less adventurous colours of 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity) and 2015 (Marsala).

Here at Kettlewell, we’ve been collecting all things purple over at our We Love Purple Pinterest board  (although we are still in love with all the other colours too!)

Ultra Violet sits in the Spring palette (although very much at the Summer ‘edge’ of it) but, being a shade of purple, needs only the slightest of colour shifts to work well in any of the four seasonal palettes.

To find your best variation of Ultra Violet, simply apply the rules of your season. While Springs can stick to it as it is (make sure it isn’t too soft!), Summers take it slightly softer and more mauve, Autumns need a little more depth and darkness – more of a Cadbury wrapper purple – and Winters need maximum vibrancy and depth.

Kettlewell items shown: Cashmere Gauze Stole, Silky Crew Neck, Lace Camisole, Florence Infinity Scarf, Merino Sleeveless Wrap, Cosy Cotton Top, Paris Textured Jacket, Alexa Zip Jacket

It’s a wrap

This time of year, regardless of the weather, inspires us to stay snug indoors with a mug of hot chocolate (or something slightly stronger) with the fire blazing and/or cheesy films on the TV, wrapped up in a soft cardigan. You might have the fire/TV/beverage of choice sorted, but have you found the cardigan you need to ensure the ultimate cosy winter experience?

Whatever your body shape and size, the perfect wrap for you is out there. Whether you’re straight of body or curvy, tall or short, I’ve lined up my favourite Kettlewell wraps and the body shapes they suit.


Links to: short cascade, mid cascade, midi shawl wrap, long rio wrap, cosy merino wrap, long tie wrap, sleeveless merino wrap, shawl collar wrap


Essential Christmas outfits for every season

Georgia wears the Lulu Curve in cherry with Multi Sparkle Loafers

Whether you’re strictly loungewear and pyjamas or get dressed up to the nines every day from Christmas Eve through to twelfth night, nobody wants to spend the festive period feeling like their clothes make them look boring or unstylish.

Whatever your palette, and whatever your dress code, if you want to embrace a little more colour and style this Christmas we’ve got the perfect set of outfits planned for you.

If you already know your own seasonal colour palette, click on the link below to go to the post written especially for your palette. But if you haven’t had a colour analysis yet, don’t panic. You can either make a start on your journey into colour by visiting our colour quiz or simply read on for festive looks to wow, whatever your palette.





If you don’t know your seasonal palette, Christmas is a great time to experiment with some new colours – everything about this time of year is jewel toned and bold, so it’s the perfect time to play with colour.

Cashmere Gauze Stole in true red, Cosy Merino Wrap in royal purple, Silky Scoop in white

Lulu Curve in cherry, Tassel Necklace in black & silver sparkle, Loafers in multi sparkle

Ponte Trousers in charcoal, Cosy Cotton Top in magenta, Florence Infinity Scarf in charcoal, Star Wrap Bracelet in light grey sparkle

Flounce Skirt in periwinkle blue & bright navy, Silky Scoop in ice blue, Alexa Zip Jacket in royal blue, Cashmere Gauze Stole in silver


This Christmas give the colours that suit everyone!

You might notice that so far I have held off talking about Christmas shopping, parties, over eating and general festive fun too much, but now we’re in December all bets are off and it’s nothing but festive posts from here on in.

To kick off, let’s talk gifts. Whether you’re dropping not-so-subtle hints (top tip: just leave this webpage open) or picking the perfect gift for a loved one, I’ve rounded up the Kettlewell pieces you need to add to your list.

The great thing about Kettlewell is that we know the colours that work for everyone, so you know you can buy a colour that will wow, whoever is receiving it. Rather pleasingly, true red falls into the ‘universally flattering’ category (see this post from a few weeks ago), as does pebble grey. And rich teal and soft white are also fairly safe bets, flattering a huge range of skintones. All of these shades combine to make a gift palette that’s sure to wow.

L-R:  Florence Infinity Scarf in marine blue, Camisole in true red, Star Wrap Bracelet in light grey sparkle, Star Keyring in aquagreen & grey, Suede Leather Purse in aquagreen & grey, Fine Cotton Tee in kingfisher, Willow Scarf in true red

L-R: Suede Tassel Clutch in ghost, Short Cascade Wrap in deep lagoon, Cosy Cotton Stripe Top in nimbus & pastel blue, Tassel Necklace in red & bronze sparkle, Lace Camisole in true red, Silky Crew in soft white, Leather Star Makeup Bag/Clutch in aquagreen & grey

L-R: Metallic Leather Clutch in tin, Ava Dress in Peacock Blue, Milan Knit Crew in light silver, Long Rio Wrap in true red, Cashmere Gauze Stole in Pebble Grey, City Poncho in marine blue, Loafers in red sparkle

7 items, 7 outfits


Once upon a time, when I first started writing this blog, we didn’t used to be able to create a complete capsule wardrobe using only Kettlewell pieces, so we had to send you elsewhere to fill in the gaps. I’m really thrilled that we’ve introduced so many more items over the years, and it’s now possible to create a complete look knowing that each and every piece has been carefully selected to mix and match as well as compliment your skintone and colouring.

Rather than diving into a full capsule wardrobe, which can be somewhat overwhelming and not actually that useful, I’ve created a ‘mini capsule’ using seven Kettlewell garments to create seven outfits, for a full week of colour fun.

7 items

Remember, this is just a sample wardrobe. If your style is a little less classic, go for the Alexa Jacket rather than the Paris jacket, or you might prefer to swap the Ponte Trousers for skinny jeans. Or if you love the classic look, maybe a dress instead of the dressed-down Davina tee? What would your perfect seven items be?

7 outfits 


Links to: Paris Jacket, Merino Crossover, Grace Pencil Skirt, Ponte Trousers, Davina Tee, Long Vest, Silky Roll Neck

This week’s post uses colours from the Winter palette. Each week we will be choosing a different seasonal palette to illustrate our blog posts – watch out for yours!

How to wear true red, whatever your palette

True red. Vibrant, festive and confident. And, believe it or not, a colour that we can all wear. If you’ve always thought that you couldn’t wear red, the chances are you’ve been trying one with the wrong undertone or brightness level. True red has neither a yellow or a blue undertone, meaning it sits bang in the middle of the four seasonal palettes, and can tone in with all of them.

The trick is in how you wear your true red; what you wear it with. Pairing vibrant true red with stark black and white creates a totally different effect to pairing it with cream and aqua, or chocolate and tan, and which one looks best on you will depend on your seasonal palette.

If you already know your own seasonal colour palette, just click on the link below to go to the appropriate post for your palette. If you haven’t had a colour analysis yet, don’t panic. You can either make a start on your journey into colour by visiting the Kettlewell colour quiz or simply read on for some great looks that will maximise that universally flattering true red, whatever your skintone.





Davina Tee in true red


Paris Textured Jacket in true red,  Ponte Trousers in charcoal and a Darcey V Neck in soft white

Grace Jacquard Blazer in marine teal, Grace Pencil Skirt in marine teal, Silky Roll Neck in true red, simple court shoes

​Lace Camisole in true red, ​Merino Crossover in emerald, ​Cashmere Gauze Stole in true red, navy skinny jeans


The colour rules you should be breaking

There are so many ‘rules’ that I hear around wearing colour. Sometimes I’m amazed that any of us manage anything other than top to toe grey! I thought it was about time to bust some of the myths and misconceptions that I hear about wearing colour, and share what the one real rule is that matters when it comes to wearing colour.

Black looks chic on everyone

There is no good way of saying this: it just doesn’t work on everyone. If you want the slimming, sleek silhouette effect without the skintone draining downsides, go for navy, charcoal, dark olive or petrol blue instead, whichever works best for your skintone. You’ll look more chic and more well rested.

Our models are wearing the Paris Textured Jacket.  Eveline (Autumn) wears Leaf , Sophie (Spring) wears Light Grey,  Georgia (Summer) wears Marine Teal and Violet (Winter) wears Black.

Redheads can’t wear pink

You so can. The question is, which pink. If you have a warm complexion, you might better off in coral hued flamingo pink or soft mellow rose, but if you have a cooler skintone, maybe musk rose is more your specialty, or even a bold fuchsia. Whatever your skintone or hair colour, there is a right version of almost every colour for you. Take the colour quiz to start learning what that version is.

Spring: flamingo pink Long Sleeve Tee, Autumn: peach melba Camisole, Summer: rose Long Vest, Winter: fuchsia Silky Roll Neck

I can’t wear green

Well, now you can. There is a shade of green for everyone. The chances are, if you’ve been struggling so far, you’ve been picking the wrong shade. Too cool, too warm too bright or too muted and it’s all wrong, but get it right and you’ll look bright eyed, glamorous, bold and stylish. It’s all in the tones.

Spring: apple Long Camisole, Autumn: tree top Semi Scoop 3/4, Summer: tropical teal Fine Cotton Tee, Winter: pine Lulu Curve

You can’t mix gold and silver

Actually, you might be able to. If your skintone lies in a more neutral space – ie you still fall into a seasonal palette (we all do!), but you are at the less extreme warm end (for Springs and Autumns) or cool end (for Winters and Summers), a mix of metals might work really well with your colours to set off those more ‘neutral’ (in terms of warmth, not brightness) shades.


Tiny Star Necklace in Silver, Multi Star Necklace in Silver and Gold, Davina Tee in Latte

It all comes down to one rule…

As far as I’m concerned the only rule that matters is this one: wear the colours you love and that love you.