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Scarves for summer

We love a scarf here at Kettlewell. Or even lots of scarves. They bring colour, texture and interest to any outfit. A scarf feels like a super easy addition when the weather is cold, but if you’re someone who relies on your scarf to add a pop of colour and finish your outfit, how do you style it when the weather is warmer?

I’ve got news for you. Summer scarves rule. Especially if you live in Britain, because a scarf allows you to look all breezy and airy and summery without actually freezing to death on those days when the temperature only limps up to about 13 degrees. I’m looking at you, British weather.

Here’s how to wear my Kettlewell favourites for summer.

Cashmere Gauze Stole

Cashmere adds instant cosiness without bulk – the airy lightweight fabric of the gauze stole is deceptively warm, and doesn’t look like a heavy winter scarf so will fit in with your breeziest outfits. Ideal for combating vicious air conditioning when travelling, or adding lightweight warmth over a party dress.

Silk Leopard Scarf

Smarten up your workwear with a statement silk scarf. Tie in a multitude of ways, or even loop around your handbag strap, for instant Parisian chic.

Willow Scarf

Want insouciant skinny scarf chic? Willow is your friend here. Lightweight enough to wear in the warmest weather, the Willow scarf will add a simple pop of colour without any bulk, and will give any outfit a cool retro vibe.

Florence Infinity Scarf

Florence is your go to for for every single casual outfit all summer. You need one of these in every colour (well, maybe not every colour, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you want to try just one more colour). Keeps a summer evening breeze off, but the gorgeously silky fabric won’t overcook you when the temperature finally rises.

Metallic Print Scarf

If you like your outfits to be textured and more statement, you need a Metallic Print Scarf scarf in your life. Channel 90s chic with a simple vest and maxi skirt, or add an edge to a simple jeans and tee outfit.

A week in the sun: a wardrobe for every palette

Michelle wearing the T-Shirt Dress in Azure

After what feels like the longest winter since the last ice age, spring is in full flower and summer is finally beginning to hint that it might actually arrive one day. With the arrival of summer, of course, comes summer holidays. And with summer holidays comes a total panic over how to dress oneself in a hotter climate, maybe with the limitations of carry on luggage, and still look and feel amazing.

The solution is a well thought through, flexible and flattering capsule wardrobe where not only each individual piece makes you feel great but the whole lot works together to make holiday dressing a breeze.

The foundation of a good flexible capsule wardrobe packing solution is, naturally, the colour palette. Choose well, and your holiday dressing will be a dream come true. Choose badly and you’ll face a week of stressed mornings and compromise outfits. A colour palette that not only ties together and harmonises well with itself but also makes your eyes brighter, your skin clearer and your smile whiter is the holy grail here, and knowing your own seasonal palette is the key. If you have had a colour analysis and already know your palette, simply click on the link below to be taken to the seasonal post (and holiday wardrobe!) for that palette. If you don’t know your palette yet, why not take our colour quiz to get you started? Or read on to find a capsule holiday wardrobe which uses some of the most universally flattering colours we have at Kettlewell.





The trick for a holiday wardrobe is to seriously limit your colour palette (while making sure you don’t end up with only boring neutrals). Start with a dark neutral, a light neutral and, crucially, two core bright colours, and maybe add in a splash of one or two more brights as you get the basis of your holiday packing established.

When it comes to deciding which pieces to actually pack, you can’t beat the 5-4-3-2-1 rule…

bright navy gigi top, chalk white eveline blouse, jade everyday cotton v, true red pippa top, purple soft square vest

Choose five tops to start off your holiday wardrobe. Make sure you include at least one neutral and a couple of your favourite brights. Take at least one top which can double up for evening, and a lightweight long sleeved top in case of sunburn.

 white shorts, cropped jeans, white jeans, red and soft white stripe weekend skirt

Choose four bottoms which match your tops. Neutrals are often easiest here as they go with everything, but don’t be afraid to inject a splash of colour!Take three pairs of shoes – flip flops for the beach, a pair of evening-appropriate sandals and comfy shoes for sightseeing.


soft teal t-shirt dress, true red lola dress

A beach cover up and a smarter option that will take you from nice lunch to glamorous cocktails.

Teal bikini and navy one piece

Two swimsuits mean no squeezing into a wet swimsuit when you decide to go for an early morning dip.

 riviera blue suede shoulder bag

You only need one handbag. Make it comfortable and make sure it goes with the rest of your holiday wardrobe.

true red cashmere gauze stole

A cashmere gauze stole is perfect for covering up against any unexpected air conditioning chill as well as doubling up as a cushion on the flight or an evening wrap.

ink alexa zip jacket

A simple relaxed biker jacket will go with everything and won’t add too much weight to your packing – dress it up for evening with sandals, or dress it down with jeans and flip flops for sight seeing chic.

Sizzling hot: how to wear red in summer

Sophie wears the Stripe Pocket Tunic and the Cotton Rib Bolero

Some might say we have a slight obsession with red at Kettlewell. We would argue, of course, that our obsession extends to all colours. Nonetheless, red holds a special place in the heart of anyone who has finally discovered which shade of the traditional siren hue makes them look and feel a million dollars, whether it’s in the form of a lipstick, the perfect striped top or a full on bold red dress. However, I noticed the other day, while cataloguing old blog posts, that I have never once talked about how to style red in summer. I have waxed lyrical about how well it fits in a Christmas wardrobe and to add a dramatic splash of colour to winter party clothes, but never about fitting this boldest of shades into your warm weather wear.

The answer is, as always, to just go ahead and give it a try. If you know your best red then the whole thing becomes so much easier, but if you don’t then I have great news. True red, which has no yellow (warm, orangey) or blue (cool, burgundy) undertone but is simply a bold, bright scarlet, suits every single skintone. This is because it will never fight against your natural skintone – on a cool toned person a warm red looks cheap and adds sallowness, on a warm toned person the cool red looks heavy and dulls skintone, but the ‘neutral’ true red with no yellow or blue added looks ace on absolutely everyone. So if you haven’t had a colour analysis, your first rule is to stick with true bold red.

If you’re lacking confidence, here are four simple styles to get you going with this boldest and brightest of colours

Florence Infinity Scarf in True Red worn with Breton Stripe Top in Navy

Stripe Pocket Tunic in true Red worn with Marl Cropped Leggings in Zinc and Suede Shoulder Bag in Riviera Blue

Cara V Neck in True Red

Joanna Dress in True Red, Metallic Leather Clutch in Silver and Star Wrap Bracelet in Light Grey Sparkle

Body shape: everything you need to know

Choosing what to wear isn’t only about getting the colour right. It’s about knowing the shapes and styles that flatter you, that emphasise your good bits and conceal the bits you’re not so keen on.

Knowing your body shape is crucial to understanding which clothes will work on you. While your lifestyle and personality all influence your own unique sense of style, the fact is that what you need to put the clothes on is your physical body, so the shape of that body is rather a linchpin of personal style.

So how can you figure it out? For so many of us, knowing our own body shape can be a surprisingly elusive piece of information. Rather than being able to focus on our overall appearance and shape we get hung up on our boobs, our thighs, or whatever other body part becomes our victim of choice.

However, it is perfectly possible to find out your true body shape. Our flowchart quiz will guide you to your true body shape, regardless of how you view yourself (and I speak as someone who considered themselves curvy of boob and round of thigh for years before discovering that actually an inverted triangle was closer to my true shape).

Although it is perfectly possible to do this quiz alone, I would suggest you get a friend to look at you objectively and help you answer if at all possible, particularly as some parts are more easily viewed from behind than in front – it took someone else to point out to me that my shoulders were broad, straight and angular for me to realise that that was the widest point of my body.

Once you’ve discovered your body shape, click on the links below to be taken to a post which will tell you everything you need to know about your shape and the styles that will work for you.

Return of a classic

It’s another bumper year and the spring/summer collection is selling quickly, but if you’ve missed out on something you loved, panic not – as well as a stock refresh of some existing styles, a handful of new styles have arrived and are available online right now.

Although the new high summer collection boasts a dress named after yours truly (which I will, naturally, be ordering in every single colour that suits me), the item I’m excited to share with you today is actually a Kettlewell classic; a bestseller that has been revised, updated and reintroduced just in time for summer sun (there will be summer sun this year, I promise).

The Twist Top features a slimming v-neck and flatters a range of bust sizes. This time round it has cap sleeves for the summer, in a new improved soft stretch viscose fabric and is available in 8 delicious colours.

It can easily be dressed up for evening, but if you want to keep it more modest or add a splash of colour for daytime, simply layer it over a camisole. Here, the Twist Top in True Red is worn with Light Navy Rosa Trousers and heels for a smart daytime look and a Soft White Camisole layered underneath, adds contrast.

For a more casual holiday vibe, wear with a Weekend Skirt (here in Bright Navy). Just add sandals, sunhat and sunglasses and you are good to go. A Starburst Necklace adds a finishing touch.

Personally, I rather love the idea of this pretty, feminine top in Lobelia  contrasted with super casual denim shorts, sunglasses and sandals for the perfect holiday beach to bar outfit. Simply add a Bright Aqua Cashmere Gauze Stole for when the temperature drops in the evening and you’re good to go!



Wear sunshine!

Michelle wears an Everyday Cotton V Neck in Corn Yellow

I’d like to apologise in advance if you’re one of the small areas of the UK not being blessed with at least some warmth and sunshine today.

For the rest of us, it’s time to celebrate! After a long and decidedly dreary winter the sun has finally decided to put in an appearance, so we’re embracing all things bold, bright and yellow today. Particularly since the sunshine is due to go again any day, so we’re making the most of it while it lasts.

Did you know that you can wear yellow whatever your skin tone and whatever palette of colours suits you? The trick is to simply to pick the right yellow to flatter you. If you’re not sure which colour palette, and therefore yellow, is your best, head over to our colour quiz to get started with discovering your seasonal palette.

Done that? Ready to go? Excellent. Let’s explore which yellow is best for you, and how to know it when you see it.

Milan Knit Cardigan in Soft Apple, Pippa Top in Soft White and a Cashmere Gauze Stole in Canary Yellow

Cotton Rib Bolero in Rosewater, Sleeveless Mock Turtle in Primrose, Cashmere Gauze Stole in Soft White

Midi Shawl Wrap in Marine Navy, Betty Cowl in Sunflower, Cashmere Gauze Stole in Soft White


Pocket V Neck in Ice Lemon, Weekend Skirt in Cobalt Blue,Tassel necklace  in Black & Silver Sparkle

Want to take the easy option? Simply click on the ‘shop by colour’ menu option and choose from your palette to discover which garments are available in your favourite shade.

Full on colour

Analu is wearing a Stripe Faux Wrap in Navy with Rosa 7/8 Trousers in Limeade

I talk a lot on this blog about easy, safe ways to wear colour, adding a splash or a hint here or there, or how to find your best neutrals. But what if you’ve mastered that and actually what you want to do is embrace the joy and wear top to toe colour every now and again?

If you’re not quite sure where to start with embracing big blocks of colour in your outfit, here are a few simple rules that make top to toe brights easy as pie:

1 Stick to a palette. Whether you know your best colour palette for certain, you’ve done our colour quiz or you’ve simple picked the one you’re most drawn to, sticking to one seasonal palette will ensure that all the brights you wear will harmonise well. If you’re not sure where to start, visit the colour quiz, then click on the ‘shop by colour’ menu button above to find colours in your chosen palette.

2 Include some contrast. Whether it’s light and dark or an unexpected contrast between brights (pink and red, or green and yellow, for example), adding some contrast will give your outfit a confident, intentional feel.

Analu wears a Cotton Rib Jumper in True Red over a white Long Vest Top with Rosa 7/8 Trousers in Hot Pink

3 Stop at three colours. If you’re dressing in colour top to toe, don’t go for more than three shades (count two similar shades of one colour as one shade, which will help when you’re putting together more tonal outfits), unless you’re feeling really super confident, as it can be tricky to pull off.

Analu wears a Charli Top in Fuchsia with a Stripe Weekend Skirt in Jewel Stripe

4 If you’re feeling nervous, include a print. Let clothing designers do the work for you by choosing a print and using the rest of your outfit to pull colours from that print.

Analu wears a Darcey Boat Neck in Cobalt Blue with a Mosaic Skirt in Bright Blue

5 The absolute best tip I can give is to just give it a go. There is nothing like the fun of embracing colour to give your confidence and spirits a lift, and if you’re enjoying colour and clothes, your confidence will shine through and make your outfit work.