Why should I get a colour analysis?

Keira, our graphic designer, had her colours analysed with Gilly from House of Colour and discovered she was a Jewel Winter

I spend an awful lot of time on this blog chattering on about the ways to wear each palette, the endless variations of any given colour and ways to style my Kettlewell favourites, but it’s been a long time since I’ve given the how a rest and discussed the why. Why exactly should you get your colours analysed? What are the actual benefits to you, a human being with a passing interest in looking and feeling good but also a busy life and other things to worry about?

Picture me rubbing my hands together gleefully at the prospect of informing you. I have just the one blog post in which to do this, so I’ve had to condense my reasons into just six points which hopefully will help nudge you over the edge if you’ve been wondering if this colour analysis malarky is really for you…

Lizzi (Autumn) from Loved by Lizzi blog had her colours analysed with the Red Leopard ladies, Rachel, (Winter), Ilka (Autumn), Manina (Winter) and Annie (Autumn)

Look good

Oh, it’s so obvious, isn’t it? But it really is true. Wearing colours that suit you, whether they are light or dark, bright or neutral, will make your skin clearer, your eyes brighter and your teeth whiter. You’ll look younger and fresher and more put together, because your outfit won’t be working against you, and that’s before you apply a scrap of make up. Wearing clothes that suit you essentially gives you a head start on looking good, regardless of whether you walk out the door bare faced or with full hair and make up every single day.

Annabel from House of Colour in her Winter colours

Feel good

All that looking good naturally translates to feeling good. And it’s not just about feeling ‘pretty’ (or whatever your word of choice is to connote physical attractiveness). Wearing colours that are in harmony with your natural colouring and style will give you an inner boost, be it conscious or subconscious, and allow you to be more open and engaging, stand up for yourself, carry more authority, and feel more attractive – whatever your own personal little hang up is about your appearance and however it holds you back, colour analysis is one huge step towards overcoming it. Wearing the right colours just makes you feel like you, but better.

Sarah, from the Kettlewell team who is a Summer wearing her Tropical Teal Helena blouse

Mix ‘n’ match

My personal favourite. All that looking and feeling fabulous is all very well by itself, but actually the thing I find incredibly satisfying on top of it is having a wardrobe where everything works. The beauty of colour analysis is that everything in your wardrobe will not only suit you, it will suit everything else, so you can mix and match endlessly to create amazing outfits. And (this is it: as a lazy and busy person, my number one benefit) you can get dressed in about 8.3 seconds, without even looking at which top and which bottom you are pulling out of the wardrobe, add some red lipstick, and look like you’ve got it together. Genius.

Annie, one of the Red Leopard stylists with Vanessa from The Model Edit blog – both Autumns.

Go bright

When it comes down to it, most of us don’t wear much colour. It’s very rare that I open a client’s wardrobe doors and see a riot of colour, of any palette. We just don’t have the confidence to wear colour. But seriously, it can bring a whole lot of joy, to you and to others. Knowing that you can in fact wear, and look amazing in, hot pink, or cobalt blue or saffron yellow is a huge confidence boost and can finally give you permission to wear colours you’ve hankered after for years (and stop you continually trying then giving up on wearing a bright colour that your best friend loves but looks dire on you).

Mary (Spring) and Lisa (Summer), from House of Colour in their Striped Pocket dresses

Stay neutral

Of course, if you’re anything like me and actually have zero desire to wear a bright colour 95% of the time, then discovering your best neutrals is even more vital than discovering your best brights. Imagine being able to look and feel absolutely amazing simply by knowing which shade of grey to pick. It’s akin to witchcraft, but anyone can do it.

Sian from House of Colour a Jewel Winter adds a pop of colour to her Silver Sparkle Crossover with her pink glasses!

Be you

Imagine knowing your best palette, not the colours that the fashion industry, your mum, your best friend or your nearest clothes shop, think you should be wearing. It is simultaneously liberating, empowering, terrifying and exciting. Finally you get to wear the palette that you love, not the one you’ve been told to love. You get to embrace the colours that feel like they belong to you because, well, they do.

‘Love Colour Tee’ worn by House of Colour Stylists Kristine (Autumn), Jennie (Autumn), Judy (Spring), Harry (Winter), Elisa (Summer), Catherine (Summer) and Lara (Winter)

Some of these images are taken from our Real Women Gallery on the website. We love to see how you wear your Kettlewell styles (old and new!) so visit here to upload a photo. We are awarding a Florence Infinity Scarf to our favourite image posted before midnight on 31st August 2017.

How to win your ultimate holiday essentials!

Some holiday essentials transcend the destination. Whether you’re heading for the pool, the beach or a glamorous city location, there are a few things that should never come off your packing list.

Not only am I going to let you in on my ultimate ‘getting on a plane/train/automobile to anywhere’ packing tips, but Kettlewell has joined forces with cult body care brand Legology to offer you the chance to win our ultimate packing essentials.

What do I need to take?

We’ve whittled down the list to the top holiday essentials. Read to the end to find out how to win your own holiday essentials bundle!


Wherever you’re going, layering up will help you get maximum use from minimum clothes. Start with your favourite Kettlewell vest, throw on a classic stripe tee and add knitwear for travel – or aggressive air conditioning (long-time readers of this blog will know this is a real pet hate of mine!).

win – our bestselling stripe boat neck tee  in glorious true red (the perfect shade for any skin tone)

A lightweight wrap

Call it a scarf, call it shawl, call it an emergency sling/blanket/picnic rug. whatever you call it and wherever you use it for, a holiday isn’t a holiday without a lightweight oversized scarf. Kettlewell’s cashmere gauze stole is perfect for holidays – light enough for travel (and that insane hot country aircon. Have I mentioned I have issues with this?).

win – one of my personal Kettlewell heroes, the cashmere gauze stole.
If you can’t go bold with colour on holiday, when can you?

Contouring leg care

Everyone remembers to pack the SPF, make up and moisturisers but are your legs summer ready? If you’re anything like me, they’ve probably been somewhat neglected during the winter months!). Step forward, Legology. If you’ve never heard of Legology, you’re in the same boat that I was a few months ago, but I am well and truly converted.

Legology’s Exfo-Lite sea salt scrub is the perfect prep for summer legs. After a good scrub and soak, finish them off with the genius Sun-Lite, which adds a healthy glow without the hassle or scary orange hue of fake tan. And if you suffer from heavy legs while flying or in the heat, you definitely need to add Air-Lite to your hand luggage. The amazing scent, innovative massage application and powerful active ingredients will put a spring in your step every time you use it.

win – your very own set of Exfo-Lite, Air-Lite and Sun-Lite

The entertainment package

Surely this has to come in the top five on any holiday packing guide? Good books and good music are essential for any holiday destination.

When it comes to literature, whether your preference is for a love story, an adventure or a hard hitting biography, Alice Peterson’s A Song For Tomorrow has something for everyone. Inspired by singer Alice Martineau, who followed her dreams in the face of huge challenges, this book is a life affirming read.

Since A Song for Tomorrow was inspired by Alice Martineau, we’ve also got two copies of her album Daydreams to give away – the addition your holiday playlist has been waiting for just as much as you’ve been waiting for the perfect Breton stripe top!

win – two signed copies of Alice Peterson’s A Song for Tomorrow (one for you, one for a friend) and two copies of Alice Martineau’s CD Daydreams

How to enter

To enter simply click on this link and fill in the entry form.

The winner will receive:

  • A Kettlewell Cashmere Gauze Stole in your choice of Bright Aqua or Green Teal
  • A Kettlewell Stripe Boat Neck Tee in True Red
  • A set of Legology Contouring Leg Care – Exfo-Lite, Air-Lite and Sun-Lite
  • Two signed copies of A Song for Tomorrow by Alice Peterson
  • Two copies of the CD daydreams by Alice Martineau

Total value of the prize is £300

The small print: The prize draw is open from 28th April and ends at midnight on May 29th 2017 and is open to UK residents only. Only one entry per person is permitted. The winner will be drawn from all entries received and  notified by email shortly afterwards.

Good luck!