How to wear navy {Springs}

Navy is often considered a neutral, fairly universal colour, but there are several different types of navy, and each of those has a palette which pairs most well with it.

Spring’s navy, like the rest of the Spring palette, is light, bright and filled with sunshine, a couple of shades lighter than what could be considered ‘true’ navy, and noticeably brighter.

As a Spring, navy is a great anchor colour for your palette, one of the more ‘serious’ shades in a palette that can be very light and playful. The important thing to remember is that your colours work best in contrast, with blocks of dark neutral, light neutral and splashes of colour, so adding a bit of bold colour or contrast with one of the lighter colours will give your navy a bit of a lift.

WORK: Bright navy and soft white is Spring’s best formal combination. Add a colour pop in the form of red lipstick to give yourself the vibrancy that works so well for Springs, without compromising formality.


REST: Springs are really the only season who get to work that amazing classic combination of navy and camel, so make the most of it!


PLAY: Bring out Spring’s colourful side by pairing a navy basic with bold hues from your palette for maximum colour punch.


Details of all items shown can be found on the Kettlewell Polyvore page

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