Saluting the sunshine hues by Melissa

Did you spot Kettlewell in The Times this week? T2 had dedicated the front page and a double-page spread to our favourite topic, colour, and specifically how to wear it this summer. Fashion Director Anna Murphy was telling us all to move beyond blacks and neutrals and embrace the season’s sunshine hues, and for those... Continue Reading →

Think pink

Pink has been a Big Thing for the past few seasons, and this one is no exception, with two gorgeous dusky pinks - one neutral, one cool - making it into the Pantone colour trend report. However, if soft pinks don't float your boat, panic not. Pinks are going not one but three ways this winter - soft, deep, and bright - and... Continue Reading →

The new monochrome

Monochrome. The word conjures up images of stark black and white outfits or maybe shades of grey. But monochrome simply means shades of the same colour, so can apply to any colour in the rainbow existing in isolation. Of course, if you're going to go for a monochrome outfit, you really want to know that the... Continue Reading →

red lipstick 101

Wearing red lipstick is one of those 'check it off the list' items for being a grown up, isn't it? So many women would love to embrace red lips (I promise not to go all fashion blogger on you here and start calling it 'a red lip'), but lack confidence in their appearance, the best lipstick... Continue Reading →

13 into 31: Your spring wardrobe, sorted

We do love a good capsule wardrobe at Kettlewell, and since the season is a-changing, I thought it was about time for another one. I challenged myself to come up with a full month's worth of outfits from a mere 13 items (and none of this February nonsense, a full 31 days. And not just because it's a pleasing reversal of... Continue Reading →

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